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Casual suit?

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Hello guys. This is my first post on this forum, but I have been lurking here for a while. I'm looking for a casual suit that I can wear out on town, when going to clubs or restaurants. Should I go for a pintstripe one, or just a single colour? Wouldnt a pinstripe suit look more business like? I want the suit to match a black shirt with discrete blue vertical stripes and one with grey/white stripes, so the pinstripe suit is out, or? What colour would you guys recommend? Sorry if this seems like an obvious question, but Ive been told that I dont have an eye for colour. hehe I looked trough the forums but I couldnt find any posts regarding my question, and I would be glad if someone had any tips or pointers. Thanks.
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Pinstripe may be better, as you can match patterns, but if you're going to wear a black shirt, you're more or less relegated to a black suit IMO. Are you going to wear a tie with this? There are a number of different looks you can try, one you could try would be a black/blue pinstripe) with the black blue striped shirt and a blue tie, with black shoes...
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It depends on how subtle the shirt stripes are, but if If you haven't developed a good eye yet and you're absolutely committed to having your choice of suit dictated entirely by these two shirts (which I wouldn't recommend, but it's certainly your prerogative), I think it would generally be best to stay away from a pinstripe suit, and go with a solid. Or if you want to be more daring, when you go shopping, just bring along someone whose taste you trust.
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I would start over.  Go shopping without the shirts as a limitation. With those shirts, maybe a black leather blazer would be a better solution?
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