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The debates  

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Was it just me, or was Kerry trying to convince the moderator and not the "People" he was, excuse is the best man. I did not see him address the camera as much as he did the mediator. What does he not look at the people, Bush on the other hand looked great looking to the people, and looked confident.
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General Chat or Current Events would be better places for this.
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I don't think the direction the candidates look while on television is a particularly solid basis on which to assess anything.
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not really an assesment, just a statement....actually, i like his suit much better, wonder what it is, fits much better than Bushs' does...anyone know who his tailor is? Great tie too.
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Oh, well, since we're talking about style now... I remember seeing Bush's suit once during a picture of some summit. Man did he look horrible. His jacket's shoulders were cut too large, and his sleeves were too long, making him look like a gorrilla.
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Doesn't Bush wear Oxxford or Hickey-Freeman?
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all i am sure of, bush's suit looks like a rack suit, kerry's looks like his wife gave him his allowance this month for the show...for a straight conservative suit, it is NICE.
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Remember, Bush is wearing a kevlar vest under that suit. I think it would be difficult to look very good in any make of suit with something so heavy and bulky strapped to one's chest underneath.
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I dunno, Chris. He was looking at us because he was slouching and leaning on the podium (improperly IMO). I thought he sweated like Nixon, was irritable, verbally stumbled frequently, and smirked saying "AH know this, ah roll out 'o bed in the morning thinkin' about terror". And then there was the "mixed messages, changed positions" he kept repeating that Kerry refuted masterfully. Even Fox News is saying Kerry cleaned W's clock.
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