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Flashy socks

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I like very flashy socks. But it is just so hard to find good ones. The only company I know that ever comes through is Missoni, but they usually only have a few designs per season, and they sell out quickly. And they're $50 a pair. At most other places, the socks usually suck, for various reasons, including: they are ankle length (god, what human would wear such a thing?), they are cheesily printed, they are cheap cotton (as opposed to a nice textured weave, or good wool). Paul Smith suffers from the first of these. Sometimes Barney's has nice ones, but usually only one or two designs, and then that flat cotton thing. P**l S****t often has a decent selection of decent socks, but they're never quite flashy enough. Etro are certainly flashy, but are usually anklets. Anyone? I've tried searching online, but have found only $3.95 novelty things. I can't be alone in this.
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byford from london new york...fine and nice
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They can be tricky to find since most department stores tend to offer only conservative patterns, but Pantherella has some nice, bold designs that are also of good quality. You might also want to try Polo, which offers pretty solid quality and a pretty reasonable price if you can find them on discount (which should not at all be hard to do). Oh, and you don't have to do the **** thing to hide the mention of brand names; just make it easier on everyone and say it outright.
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Oh, sorry about that. I thought it was a thing for Paul Stuart, as I read some of the shoe-related threads and all of them asterisked out the name, so I assumed it was a site-wide custom. I will look again at Pantherella. In the past I've never seen anything really nice from them (in the flashy mode, that is; the conservative ones are lovely).
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ben silver has some in their catalog that are, if not flashy, at least fairly colorful. /andrew
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ovadafut. I think that it is how it is spelled. I know there is a web site.
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Great Resource!!

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+1 for Ben Silver. Also, you can find flashy Polo socks on discount at their outlet shops as well as at Century 21. I just picked up a few pairs of wild Drake's socks at Saks Off 5th, marked down to $7.50 from $45/pair.
post #9 of 13 Disclaimer: I know nothing about Duchamp's quality or reputation, I just discovered them after browsing through the latest GQ magazine.
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How about Gene Meyer for flashy and colorful socks?
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Last year Saks had some Pantherella and Richard James wool socks (in bright horizontal stripes) for 8 bucks a pair. I've worn them more than 50 times per pair and they still look good. I expect they will blow them out again in January.
post #12 of 13 has wool over the calf Marcolianis in some flashy dots.
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I picked up lime green, lilac and light blue w/ canary yellow striped socks at Marshall's a few days back. $1.99 per pair. Made in Italy by a company that starts with a G...can't recall what it is right now. Not Gallo, though.
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