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I wasn't too impressed with their selection of glassware, but there alot of interesting things to buy in Prague, I will probably have some items shipped back to the US from there.
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Drizz: You need more than one day in "Firenze".  But if that's all you can manage, I'd recommend at least one meal (not elegant ~ but very "local") at Trattoria ZaZa.  If you don't yet have plans, Chuck ("Carlo") and I prefer the Excelsior which is right on the Arno, with massive balconies overlooking the hillside. Roma:  Breakfast "sandwiches" in the little cafe in Piazza del Popolo.  Can't remember the name of it, but it's at the end of the street, right across from the twin churches. Napoli:  Are you staying in Naples, proper?  Because it's a little like Jersey City (with better food).  I would recommend Sorrento or one of the other Amalfi Coast resort towns as an alternative.  I can't speak from experience, but have heard from others that Capri is VERY commercialized nowadays ~ especially in the summertime.  Just a thot. It's more fun getting recommendations from "friends", but I would highly recommend and/or if you really need the nitty gritty.  I would also highly recommend "Italy for Dummies".  It was appropriately helpful for us the first couple of trips we made there.. Have fun.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
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In the same vein, I'd like to know if anyone has any recommendations for places to shop in Prague and Warsaw,
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Jill: I've been to Florence a number of times, I'm just making it a quick stop on my tour this time because I have limited time and many places to see. I will definitely check out the places you mentioned. One place I like to dine in rome is this little cafe that is near the Spanish Steps... I don't remember the name but it has GREAT veal and wonderful tiramisu. We are going to stay in Sorrento and Capri near Naples.
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I am planning a three week trip to Europe next summer.  I was in Europe for four months last year, and spent extensive time in Central and Western Europe, so this trip is going to be primarily Southern Europe.   So far, my planned itenerary is as follows: Tuesday: Fly LAX into London, arrive Wednesday.  Spend two nights in London, some shopping, get acclimated to the time difference. Friday morning, fly from London to Ibiza, spend the weekend in Ibiza.   Monday Morning, fly from Ibiza to Barcelona, spend monday night and most of tuesday in barcelona. Tuesday afternoon, train to nice.  Stay Tuesday/Wednesday night in Nice and spend much of wednesday in nice/monte carlo. Wednesday night train to Florence, arrive Thursday morning.  Spend Thursday night in Florence.  Friday morning Train to Rome.   Spend Friday, Saturday night in Rome, Sunday morning, train to Naples and ferry to Capri.   Spend Sunday, Monday in Capri, then fly from Naples to Budapest.  Spend Tuesday night in Budapest, Wednesday train to Vienna, Spend Wednesday night in Vienna, then Thursday train to Prague.  Spend Thursday night in Prague, then Friday Morning fly to Athens then to Rhodes. Spend Friday, Saturday nights in Rhodes, then Sunday morning, to Mykonos. Spend Sunday night in Mykonos, then to Santorini, Spend Monday night in Santorini, tuesday return to Athens.  Spend Tuesday night in Athens, then return to US. That is my tentative schedule so far, do you guys think that I'm trying to visit too many places in too short of a time?  I have been to all of Central Europe a number of times, just returning to visit some friends.
You could spend 3 weeks in Vienna and it wouldn't be enough. Pick a place, live there for a few weeks. Hopping around is no way to see Europe.
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I lived in vienna for 4 months, I still think it wasn't enough time to really understand the city, but I am planning to see alot of Europe on this trip. I have been to Europe 10+ times, so not planning to stay in one place for a long time on this particular jaunt.
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I would be interested to know of any particularly good shopping sports in Prague/Budapest besides obviously Vass.
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Whoever compared Naples to Jersey City is insane. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Like every city, it has some areas that are best avoided, but the waterfront and surrounding area (where most of the shopping is) are amazing. If you are going, make sure you check out Marinella (on via Chiaia) and the Borrelli store on via Filangieri, which is about 5 times the size of the NYC store. There's also a great store that starts with an S (it's on the main shopping drag with all the designer stores,) that has a wide selection of Borrelli, Barba, and others. Anna Matuozzo is a bit out of the way, but worth checking out for some truly amazing shirts. Capri is overrated for shopping - it has tons of designer boutiques, but most of them are tiny and some don't even carry menswear.
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When you're in Florence, try the seemingly ancient Cellerini leather store on the Via del Sole and the equally dusty-looking Roberto Serafini shop (ties and accessories) on the Via Condotti in Rome. Highest quality goods and it seems like you're going back in time (unfortunately not to a time when the dollar was still strong). I haven't back to Italy for some time but I remember both establishments.
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I loved the Via Condotti, especially the Tes Room right across the street, it was fun walking in the shoppes and dreaming of one day afforing something in one....the Biscuit and Tea was ridiculous, $25 for high tea, absurd, it is not that high at the Ritz in London....but I did love Rome...especially the Vatican, went to mass twice, just to feel good about myself.
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Most of my capri trip will just be pleasure, I'm not planning to do shopping on the entire trip or else I would have serious liquidity issues. Will definitely do those things in rome that I have time to do.
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Definitely you have to visit Marinella in Napoli. In Rome the best restaurant is probably Cavalieri, at Hotel Hilton.
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don't forget your tux in monte carlo at night if your going to the big casino...a must if you want to look right
if i remember correctly the crowd at the grand casino looked pretty much like that at any las vegas or atlantic city casino..i was told that i should wear at least a jacket & tie..i did so and was overdressed..perhaps the really elegant people are in private rooms.. if there's a choice, spend more time in's a wonderful little city by the sea
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