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Southern europe trip planning

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I am planning a three week trip to Europe next summer. I was in Europe for four months last year, and spent extensive time in Central and Western Europe, so this trip is going to be primarily Southern Europe. So far, my planned itenerary is as follows: Tuesday: Fly LAX into London, arrive Wednesday. Spend two nights in London, some shopping, get acclimated to the time difference. Friday morning, fly from London to Ibiza, spend the weekend in Ibiza. Monday Morning, fly from Ibiza to Barcelona, spend monday night and most of tuesday in barcelona. Tuesday afternoon, train to nice. Stay Tuesday/Wednesday night in Nice and spend much of wednesday in nice/monte carlo. Wednesday night train to Florence, arrive Thursday morning. Spend Thursday night in Florence. Friday morning Train to Rome. Spend Friday, Saturday night in Rome, Sunday morning, train to Naples and ferry to Capri. Spend Sunday, Monday in Capri, then fly from Naples to Budapest. Spend Tuesday night in Budapest, Wednesday train to Vienna, Spend Wednesday night in Vienna, then Thursday train to Prague. Spend Thursday night in Prague, then Friday Morning fly to Athens then to Rhodes. Spend Friday, Saturday nights in Rhodes, then Sunday morning, to Mykonos. Spend Sunday night in Mykonos, then to Santorini, Spend Monday night in Santorini, tuesday return to Athens. Spend Tuesday night in Athens, then return to US. That is my tentative schedule so far, do you guys think that I'm trying to visit too many places in too short of a time? I have been to all of Central Europe a number of times, just returning to visit some friends.
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whew.... I would suggest sl l l l l o o o o o w i i i i i i n n g dooooooown. Personally, I would rather spend a bit more time in each place, but should you be up for such a rigorous travel, go for it. It sounds like it will be a great adventure.... just a nonstop one.
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I hope you're getting your Vass measuring appointment scheduled for your Budapest stop.
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Yeah, I may extend it a few days and spend a few more days in each place, I don't go to the continent that often so I wanted to take full advantage of my trip. Alan: definitely going to schedule my Vass appointment Anyone have any recommendations of must visit shopping destinations? Besides Darren's place in London, any must see places for sartorial pursuits?
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in florence try a little bistro next to the perfumery called tira barrala, it is wondeful and the owner giovani aka johnny is prague, try and eat at the restaurant across from the clock, up on the roof, best view in the city...especially at night...and by the way slow london try to get a reservation at the oxo tower just down from tower bridge acroos the thames from black friars, and eat in the brassier, not the restaurant, food and menu the same, 30% less, best dinner in london...nice, wow, try playing cards in the casino under the le meridien, it is different, 2 restaurants to the left of the hotel a german owns it, and they have the best muscles ? i have ever eaten in my life...don't forget your tux in monte carlo at night if your going to the big casino...a must if you want to look right...when in rome, look up trinity church, i love guiness and they have the best in town, a real gem of an irish pub...what a thought, an irish pub in rome...if going to the vatican don't gorget your long pants...well i hope that helped a little drizz....if you need some walking shoes, might have some, but sounds like you need some running shoes....have fun
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Something fairly interesting was that one of the best steak dinners (close to top 5) for me, I actually had in Rome, at a Argentinian steakhouse... I've actually been to the restaurant you mentioned in Prague, that place is nice. I also happened in on one place that was kind of near the Prague castle that was great, it was cold as hell and we decided to stop in to grab a coffee to get warm, and it ended up being one of the best meals of our lives. Still some good deals to be found there... I think it could be a pretty streneous trip, but hey, i'm not usually one for lounging around while on vacation. (although my last trip to Hawaii was pretty much just that, so enough lounging for the next 2-3 years&#33
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tight schedule, have fun. One thing you might want to look at, and that is stopping in Zagreb. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries and people still have misconceptions about it - therefore still very affordable. Zagreb and the Dalmatian Coast are two places I keep trying to schedule on my semi-annual trips to Italy but have not been able to yet.
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may I recomend the baths at hotel Gellert in Budapest?
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Actually alot of my friends have recommended Croatia as well, I figure I will be getting my fill of beaches with Ibiza and the Greek Islands, but if I feel like staying a bit longer I may well try Croatia.
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globetrotter: Actually I have been to Gellert before, and the baths were quite nice, my friend (who lives in Budapest) advises me to go to Rudas Fürdõ, which is for men only and a bit more authentic, apparently it was the scene where the spa scene in "Red Heat" was shot though.
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drzzl, I'll try that next time I go through town. I like the gellert cause if I am in town for a day I can leave my bags in the hotel. I've been to a couple of others on the river bank, but I can't remember their names. have fun. btw, if you are heading to croatia, the coast of montenegro is pretty cool, too. and a little less popular.
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That is nice (leaving your bags there) The thing I didn't like too much about the Gellert is that they didn't have a VERY hot bath. I have had too many experiences with either Austrian saunas or Japanese baths, and guess I like my baths really warm at this point. Their steam room was pretty nice though, and the architecture was very beautiful, looked like you were bathing in a palace.
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Anyone have any recommendations of must visit shopping destinations?  Besides Darren's place in London, any must see places for sartorial pursuits?
Jermyn street is a must for the likes of us along with the Burlington Arcade. B
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I plan to do Jermyn Street, Harrod's, the whole Bond street area, etc... should be a fun start to my trip.
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Prague is very nice for shopping for antiques.
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