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Vegas restaurants again

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Going to vegas for a major conference in a couple weeks, this time I thought I would try Olives and 3950 (since I haven't been to either, Olives was being renovated last time I went) I will be there for four nights, any other recommendations? So far I have dined at Prime, Circo, Le Cirque, Aureole, Rosewood, Delmonico's, Picasso, Renoir, and Lupo. I was thinking about maybe the new place in the Caesars? Also, anyone been to the Columbus day sales at Cabazon? Good deals?
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Anyone ever eat at Lutece at the Venetian?
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Also, anyone eat at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant?
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If you enjoy Japanese cuisine, you might try Shibuya, in the MGM Grand.  Nice ambience.  Wide selection of sake. Good luck at the tables. This topic should be under Social Life, Food and Drink, btw.
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I will definitely check that out, I did ask a style question as well in the post.
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You've definitely hit some of the best. Here are some more: Pamplemousse - off-strip; VEgas' first (and best?) french restaurant Craftsteak - Modern steakhouse at MGM Grand Nobu - awesome sushi @ Hard Rock (actually #1 food rating in all LV by zagats) Bradley Ogden - this is Caesar's brand new signature restaurant - i'm dying to try this place
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Bradley Ogden. That's the place I was talking about, I will definitely check this out on my next trip.
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drizzt--Lutece is one of my favorite Las Vegas restaurants. Nothing whatsoever like its (former) New York progenitor--neither in cuisine nor decor. But remarkable in its own way. Capable service, minimalist interior. A place to wear your best togs. It's not Picasso, but then what is? Nobu has superlative Asian/fusion food--and a scrumptious nymphet at each table--but it is too noisy for my (old) ears. How is Le Cirque holding up? I have warm memories of meals so expensive that the tips alone would have purchased several seven-fold ties. . . .
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Le Cirque is quite nice... food seemed great, we had their fixed price menu, it was $95/person... not too bad. I think I may try Lutece this next time because if you book through Dinnerbroker.com you can get a 20% discount, 5 course meal for $65 sounds good to me, some more extra cash for shopping.
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drizzt--Lutece: you won't regret it. And twenty per cent off. When you get back, be sure to let us know your impressions. (I guess I'm becoming a gustatory voyeur. . . .) For casual dining--esp. lunch--along the Caesar's/Bellagio/Paris axis, consider Mon Ami Gabi. But don't let them seat you outside with the Cal graduates, or in the room that leads to the terrace. Sit in the first or second room in regal isolation, and let your fortunate lady friend whisper sweet nothings while the waiter uncorks a bottle of crisp Meursault.
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We did Mon Ami last time we were in Vegas, I'm having a business dinner these this next time. Should be a fun time... I think I'm doing Olives wed, 3950 thurs, Lutece Friday, and Mon Ami Sat.
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Any comments about the cabazon shopping?
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