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Biker Boots

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Do we have any bikers on the forum? I'm looking for a pair of boots that are tough enough to go to work on my Ducati in the summer, but will look good with a pair of jeans in the office.
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Frye harness or engineer boots.
What size are you?
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Welcome to the forum, GSA. Check out this thread...they talk bikes and bike gear.
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UK Size 11 in an F or 10.5 in G.
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I have Harley Davidson Pecos boots in US 11 D size.
Got them from a Goodwill store while I was on a short trip to TX.
I liked them so much that I did not critically look for the fit, only to find later that they are too big for me.
I'm just searching to find good home for these boots.

LMK if interested.
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Anyways I'm going to list them under buying selling forum.
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My apologies, here are exact details:
Harley Davidson Pecos boots, Harness style, size 44 EUR/ US11/UK 10, Wide width, Stock No: 91202, Black color.

Listed them just now under buy/sell forum. I'm up for exchange as well.
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The drawback with most boots is the lack of ankle support. I use dianese racing boots and change at work. Not worth the risk to me. It only takes one time.

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I wear these bad boys every now and then (though I don't own a motorcycle yet). They go great with jeans, chinos, and corduroys, though I wouldn't wear them with any type of slacks.

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