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Thank God for convergence.  Now that I have a Treo 600, it's one less thing to carry.  When I used a Palm Pilot, I had the LV case, which I also used as my wallet.  I eliminated almost everything, kept only my DL, 1 credit card, bank card, office ID, and cash.  I'm still using that LV case as my wallet, and am in the market for a slim card case.   Anything extra I need to carry -- laptop, newspaper, etc -- even a change of clothes -- fit nicely in my briefcase.   I've been waiting for the fall, if for anything, it gives me more pockets when I wear a jacket.
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I routinely carry the following: - Cell phone (smallest I could find, with small antenna protrusion). - Money clip that holds license, credit card, ATM card, cash. - Keys (2) for car and house. That's it. Sunglasses in car unless I need them. iPod in car. My calendar and email are accessible via my cell phone. The big recent innovation for me was moving to the money clip. It saves a TON of space. I refuse to wear the office ID badge. It is red, which on any given day could clash with my ensemble. Montecristo
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Small card case in back pocket. Cash (which I seldom have on me ) in a front pocket, sometimes with a money clip, sometimes without. Cell phone; usually left in the car with sunglasses (we drive everywhere in Detroit) Car keys; I hate having them in my pocket, so I keep them in my hand until I deposit them next to wherever I end up sitting down. Fortunately, my car keys are self-storing, so it's a small package, and I keep my house key separate.
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Originally Posted by UncleFes,30 Sep. 2004, 9:00
regarding keys: I have a lot, and on a regular ring they always were a giant wad in my pants pocket. I ended up solving the problem by buying a zippered leather key case, the kind your grandfather used to carry...
Those traditional key 'wallets' always seem almost as bulky to me at having my keys on a ring.  I only carry 5 keys on a regular basis, one of which is a tiny mailbox key -- it seems to me I should be able to find something sleeker, that allows the keys to be laid flat side by side, each in its own compartment.  
Can anyone think of something that could be easily adapted to this purpose?
I can't think of a case offhand that would fit the bill (the closest thing I can think of would be something along the line of those little leather card cases that have exterior clips, you see them most often as accompaniments to women's leather purses, along with the leather checkbook case and whatnot), but I'll tell you what - when I bought my last car, it came with a plastic emergency key that I was able to slip into my wallet pretty easily. With that few keys, and if you have a largish wallet, I might be tempted to see if those keys would fit in the one of the back wallet pockets.
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Whups, forgive the quote tomfoolery. I'm still pretty new here, getting the lay of the land, so to speak.
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If you are not worried about people asking you why you walk around with a purse then I would say that the thing that has helpped me the most is a satchel. It allows me to carry all of my daily acessories while still maintaining your style and not having heavy pockets that sag your pants. This way when you put your keys in your pocket it does not cut a hole in your coat pocket. In the long term this works the best. And they come in all different styles. You can get black leather, brown, or even a broken in bag that looks sort of like a map case like that of Indiana Jones.
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In the summer, I just carry a credit card case by Bottega with one credit card, my Metrocard, my license and my gym card. Only other things I carry are my cell phone which is small enough to fit in my pocket w/o being uncomfortable and my iPod which I clip to my belt. I'm lucky to be able to leave my keys with my doorman. In the winter, when I wear a coat, I switch to a full size wallet. I have a wallet by Seeger. But the first thing I suggest is really evaluate what you keep on your wallet and what you keep on your key ring. I took anything out that I don't use at least once a week.
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Thanks, THC. I've already stripped down to a credit card jacket sort of thing that holds about four cards and have the three keys on my car key electronic thingy. Also have to carry a key ring with the three keys for work. I guess that's an issue, I use this silver Tiffany airplane and globe keyring, which I received as a gift. It really tears up the line of your trousers/jackets when you carry it in a pocket... Witht he fall weather here, I've got more pocket options, which is nice. I'll have to learn to leave my sunglasses in the car. Chris
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