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EFV goes to Pitti (picture thread)

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Pitti Uomo 88 is rapidly approaching. With another ~ two weeks to go before the biggest spectacle in #menswear takes place at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, all the social medias are already buzzing with activity. Events and dinners are being planned, and tailors around the world are burning the midnight oil to put the finishing touches to all the peacocks' plumage.

This year my fiancée Erica & I will represent Styleforum at Pitti, along with David (@unbelragazzo).

Obviously, my English writing skills are not excellent, so my main focus will be to post photographs (taken by Erica and me), and leave most of the writing to David, who OTOH, is an excellent writer. I'm guessing he will do his usual kind of awesome coverage.

Anyway, since we decided to go to yet another Pitti, my mailbox has quickly been filling up with invitations to events, and to look at new collections. I guess this is something that happens to most people attending the fair as "press" (put in citation, because this loosely implies all kinds of journalists, bloggers, photographers, media profiles and whatnot).

We'll be going to a bunch of these events, and will, naturally, be covering them for y'all.

In fact, just two weeks ago I attended the first Pitti 88 event, put together by The Italian Code, The Italian Chamber of Commerce, Design united, and Pitti Immagine (the organization behind Pitti Uomo) at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

Lapo Cianchi, the director of communication and special events was there to speak about what's up at this year's Pitti (i.e. menswear) + the theme of the fair: Pitticolor. I guess we'll see more of what that's about once we reach the Fortezza.

Anyway, here are some nice pictures taken by my friend and business partner Lars Holmberg, for The Italian Code:
Pre Pitti event (Click to show)

Day 1 (Click to show)
Originally Posted by EFV View Post

So, day 1 was pretty nice. Slow, but nice. We spent the better part of it meeting up with people and browsing around. The main idea was to get a bunch of Street style pictures and then head off to an event in the evening, hosted by a Swedish magazine called Plaza Uomo.

Most noteable on day 1:

Davids new suit was awesome
The lunch buffet is still one of my favourite things about Pitti
Swedes are way over represented here
Wearing a 3 piece suit in the Tuscan heat is probably not the greatest idea (even if its linen)

Without further ado, here are the pictures from day 1 of Pitti:

Day 2 (Click to show)
Day 2 was a bit more hectic. A LOT more people showed up, and it was pretty much what you would expect from Pitti, peacockery and lots of people just walking around. We spent it pretty much like day 1, just trying to get good pictures fo you guys, and I think we kinda succeeded. I know most of you would like to see more of the classic stuff, and I would love to get more pictures of it, but hose guys usually shy the cameras. Good thing then, that we have got so many SF:ers out here that we can get some nice shots of.

The evening was more eventful, we were supposed to meet up a bunch of people on the Tailors symposium at Stefano Bemers atelier. Unfortunately, Erica and I got there a bit late and missed the tailors talk. We heard, from people actually attending it, that you coudnt hear a single word that anyone said anyway, and that the heat was sweltering. We were however in time for the busses to the party at the Four Seasons afterwards, where we met Mr. Claymore, the Shibumi guys, Ammanati among others.

Day 3 (Click to show)
We spent day 3 at Pitti slightly hung over from the Tailors Symposium party and Gilli afterwards. Gilli is the place most of the thirsty crowd from Pitti heads for drinks after all the evening events.

As the photos show, we spent the day both taking pictures of people outside the fair, and looking at some stands indoor. I would have really liked to show more of the stands, but unfortunately a lot of them have a no photography policy, due to the (percieved, and perhaps real) risk of people copying upcoming collections. This fear seems kinda strange, since 90% of the exhibitors present similar stuff (hand made in some godforsaken part of Italy, tutto fatto a mano, similar patterns, cuts et c). We did however manage to take some pictures of some exhibitors that we think do something a little bit more original.

Two trends that seem to be coming (or staying) are “etno patterns” and 70s style, I think you will see what I mean when I post Tomorrow, with more pictures from the stands.

Anyway, day 3 in pictures:

Follow all of the Styleforum coverage from Pitti Uomo at the Pitti88 tag.
Day 4 (Click to show)
Back in Sweden. Unfortunately, the wi-fi in our hotel was sketchy at best, so we had to wait to upload these until now. This is an assortment of pictures from day 4 (aka "ghost town" day of Pitti), when most visitors have started to clear out, and left are the exhibitors. That means that this is a pretty good day to walk among the stands/booths. So we did.

We took pictures of a LOT of products and stands, only to realize that the horrible light inside the pavilions make it damn near impossible to get a decent picture. Below you'll see the few we were able to salvage.

After browsing through the stands and talking to a lot of the exhibitors about upcoming collections we agreed on the smaller and/or newer brands being the most interesting. There really isn't that much changing from one year to the other among the bigger exhibitors. Not that we expected them to. For one, this is a slow moving market, and they have to cater to a wider variety of potential customers.

The smaller brands/artisans don't. So there's slightly more creativity among those. Old news to most who are interested in these things.

I will probably make a separate thread about some of the brands and tailors we spoke to during Pitti later, if it does not breach the "no ad rule" for non-affiliates.

Anyway, after we left the Pitti area on day 4, we paid @Tirailleur1's off site temporary showroom a visit. When we came there, he, Isaac Larose and Florence Provencher-Proulx were all busy attending to a group of buyers from United Arrows, so we tried to keep a low profile in their kitchen. After the UA guys had left we got a chance to look through the new Post-Imperial collection + the Post imperial x Larose hat collab. I have to say, it looks pretty great.

Well, I should probably let the pictures speak for themselves (added some tourist stuff as well):

Want more Pitti? Subscribe to the #Pitti88 tag to keep up with all of Styleforum's coverage from Florence.
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Looks like teal is going to be big this summer.

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I shall live vicariously through you for this brief moment in time. Also, your English is fine.

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Thanks for providing coverage!

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

Looks like teal is going to be big this summer.

Haha, I think the yellow light of the venue is doing its voodoo on the suits.
Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

I shall live vicariously through you for this brief moment in time. Also, your English is fine.

Cheers! Yeah, it's fine, but I'm no native speaker. It's the lack of the small nuances I guess.
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abonnerad !!

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I like you with your longer hair. Keep letting it grow out.

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Thanks for providing great pics!
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Cheers guys! There will be a lot of pictures posted once we get there. If there are any brands you are specifically interested in seeing more of, I can try and visit their booths to get pictures. N.B. Lots of brands don't allow photographing of upcoming collections. Though some, like Kiton et c, don't believe anyone is able to copy their stuff anyway, so they allow it.
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Everyone has such nice hair
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Except me then, apparently. biggrin.gif
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From what I recall reading it can be suffocating at the show while running around, maybe you're better for it wink.gif
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Yup, it can be extremely hot, so I think wearing the hair short is a good strategy.
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