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Shoe covers

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I'm going to be spending some time this winter in snowy, slushy cities. I would like to keep my dress shoes protected. While I know some of you wouldn't dream of wearing Edward Greens in the rain, let alone the snow, I take the view that shoes are meant to be worn, no matter the weather. Has anyone ever tried something like this - http://store.yahoo.com/rainbootstore/menziptowboo.html - as a means by which to protect their shoes? How do people in eastern Canada or the United States cope with slushy streets?
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Mike, I agree that shoes are meant to be worn no matter what the weather, but you might change your mind when faced with slushy, salt covered streets and sidewalks this winter. Why not just get a few pair of decent bad weather shoes to wear in the worst weather? Considering you would be covering up those beautiful EG's with those rather unsightly booties anyway, it might not be a bad option. I once used a pair of Totes overshoes, and then had nowhere to put them when I entered a building to meet with a client. That was the end of them, and the beginning of ruber soled bad weather shoes. If you are adamant about wearing those overboots, I have seen other more attractive brands, including the above mentioned Totes.
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How about a pair of shoes dedicated to poor weather, but not a poor shoe - something in Shell cordovan would be great. This leather is really for this type of wear. When I had a shop in DC, we sold Shell Cordovan primarily in the fall and winter as the leather is not a hide (membrane below the hide) and therefore non-porous. It weathers beatifully and will not deteriorate. The addition of a 'zip sole', thin Vibram 3/4 overlay, will further winterize a classy shoe. If the rubber idea more suits you, add a thin bead of pvc glue in the grooves and pour sand on top until it dries - this will give some grip on icy streets. I still have some Totes in stock for like $10 (have not sold any in about 5 years), but I can look to see if I have something for you - PM me, if you like.
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I agree with the poor weather shoes option. I'm going to look for a rubber-soled 'dress' boot that is reasonably elegant-looking, protects my ankes from deep snow/sluch, looks halfway decent at a distance and can be easily wiped down to remove surface sludge. On bad weather days, I'd wear them for my commute and switch into proper shoes at my destination. They'll look better than totes. I haven't seen the heavy-duty zip-up Totes in years (do they still make them?), and the pull-on ones can be a bear to pull off.
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I'm not opposed to "winter shoes", and indeed have shoes that I'm perfectly prepared to destroy by using as such. However, I fear that walking around outside in one pair of shoes only to change into another pair once inside screams of fastidiousness. While I am fastidious, I don't like to advertise it. In my mind, wearing shoe covers somehow seems slightly more reasonable. Of course, the problem of what to do with them once inside is a real one.
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The other issue is, of course, one's pants. While I haven't spent much time walking around in slush, I'm going to guess that the result is a lot of splatter. How do people cope with that?
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generally in the same way as the shoes - rain/snow/bad weather suits. Mine are simply the ones that are nearing the end of their useful life, and are then relegated to carry me through the slushy streets of NYC during the winters. I would never wear a great suit in the rain or snow or slush, id be too paranoid about ruining it.
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Wow. I guess when bad weather hits you guys, it's really bad. But I, too, have spent a few slush sodden winters on the East Coast. Years ago, when I was caught short, I picked up a pair of overshoes ('rubbers') at Bloomies. (They fit over the shoe, ending just below the ankle.) They are impenetrable. They've seen me through rain, snow, and (I think) sleet. And when I get to my destination they fold up to fit in my raincoat pocket. Wash hands, and get on with it. Honest, what's the fuss?
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