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Thanks for posting those helpful hat etiquette rules, Charlie, a.k.a. Gladhatter.

I notice those rules didn't cover sitting inside a cab/taxi.

Also, should the rules cover one's own castle?

Originally Posted by Gladhatter
While the original link Ray posted was information supplied from the Steton web links, it is fairly common and shared information.

Here is the same or similar content from the owners of Stetson:

Hope this helps.

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I have two panama hats, one a brownish old beater with a brown band that I wear in the summer with casual clothes, and a much nicer, white Biltmore with an olive/cream band that I wear with a linen odd jacket and linen slacks, or just a linen shirt and slacks.

Feel cool, look cool -- just the thing for lunch by the lake ...
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Taking a little different perspective I have always been fond of straw hats. It may only be me but I find the premium asked for panamas a little overpowering. My taste runs to ordinary straw hats finding them to be quite sufficient.

I own a few Montecristis but don't find I enjoy wearing them as much as regular straw. I could offer up a few reasons for my feelings but only if someone asks.

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