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Olive slacks

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What color shirts go with olive slacks?
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plenty of shirts go with olive slacks. Off the top of my head (there are lots of others I am sure): -light blue -most tattersal/checks that have blue as the main color -ecru -tan -yellow -light pink -plaids of many designs and colors I guess what I am getting at is there are hundreds of shirts you can wear with olive pants. I would avoid a plain white shirt with olive pants, but thats just me. Im sure someone on here who is more experienced in color matching can figure out a nice way to wear a white shirt with olive pants, but to my minds eye, it seems too severe looking, if that makes any sense. and ofcourse, tan/brown/suede shoes. i dont like the look of black shoes with an olive suit, but then again, thats just me. black shoes might look very nice under the proper conditions.
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I agree with Phil. Generally, a white shirt does nothing to complement olive slacks, but in a pinch, you could certainly get away with it, particularly if you managed to unify them skillfully with the right blazer/sportcoat and/or tie. I'm not nuts the about olive/pink combination, but I think a lot depends on: (1.) the precise hue of each and (2.) the ability to skillfully add unifying elements as described above. As for footwear, I'd agree that pairing black shoes with olive slacks is not the best choice... but it's certainly better than the one I made today pairing mine with my TAN slacks.
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I think you can get away with many light colors though I'm not such a big fan of pink with olive. I disagree on avoiding the white shirt. However, if you're going to go with white, make sure that either the cut or fabric of the clothes are very good. Otherwise, the olive/white combination just doesn't distinguish itself...or you.
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I basically agree as well with the above-mentioned colors. I would add, however, that if you are not going to wear a sport coat or other jacket, you could think of a darker brown or other saturated color such as royal blue (even a red, if the tone is right and your skin color lets you wear it).
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