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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

i donno whats more pathetic, how we played the first 85 minutes or how many chances we failed to put away in the last 5+ min

What have I been saying about that Arsenal meltdown? Like freaking clockwork. The look on ¨Ozil's face after the second goal was so telling.
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What does the fox say?
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Originally Posted by romafan View Post

What does the fox say?

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Potentially good games today: Wenger's swan song? Can Juve hold on (Dybala & Marchisio out !)? confused.gif
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Robbed is missing isn't he?

Also, "Wenger maintains board backing but concerned about fan unrest"
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Robben is out (surprise, Mr. Glass!). It's a wonderfully positioned match.
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That Nigerian scam Iwobi is starting for us today ffffuuuu.gif
Wenger has lost it...God have mercy

PS watching the game later at night, need to hide from the Internet for a while ....
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You can run but you cannot hide.

Mamma mia! wow.gif


Mi dispiace uhoh.gif German power & efficiency too much for Italians
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Insane comeback.
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gotta give lot of credit to pep on this too, he put together a patched squad with this 18 year old i've never heard of playing CB over both legs (and probably how juve snuck in some goals) , missing robben which is huge for attack , and adapting the squad to take on juve and pull off a fantastic comeback.

arsenal on the other hand ... missing chances like it's their job. if there was a clinical finisher instead of these clowns up front, 3 clear chances ..... barca defense isn't what it once was and can't even take advantage of that. MSN on the score sheet though, and i'm not sure anyone can stop that three headed beast that comes bursting out of the backfield. maybe bayern can stretch them given pep's intimate knowledge of the squad and what have you, but i'm not sure what strategy can stop messi when he decides to take over.
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Juve and PSG must be feeling like Chelsea with De Bruyne and Lukaku over losing Coman. What a great game for the youngster.
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United/Liverpool will be a good lunch hour spectacle. Probably the only way either of them could make CL football next year is to win Europa League :)
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Danielle De Rossi leaves his World Cup medal in Italy kitman's coffin:

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Pure class that is.
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Even I have to call the UCL draw out; Madrid just happen to draw Wolfsburg.
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