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Keeping 70% of possession against a championship side and we do nothing with the ball. just sit around the box while they pack in and dink useless crosses from random angles. no strategy once again, monsieur wenger
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Let the Arsenal-unravel begin. Right on schedule.
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Get a grip. It was a second string side. I'm happy they get an extra match to have a run out.
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gibbs mert kosc chambers flamini welbeck walcott ? and then later ox sanchez giroud ? that's a good part of usual lineup. and the extra match is only going to further exhaust the players who already look quite fatigued.

i'm certainly not optimistic about the mid-week clash coming up
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Gibbs, Mert, Koss, Chambs, Flams, Elneny and Ospina are tasked with keeping the clean sheet. Welbeck's bern out a year, Iwobi is still a kid. Walcott had his shot, but the keeper did his job. I'm happy Ospina, Iwobi, Elneny, Chambs, Gibbs, and Campbell get to have an extra game. Not likely they'll see much action otherwise.
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^ moving goal posts, etc...

Well the first half was surprisingly good, we created arguable better chances but as usual awful finishing in the final third, perhaps best summed up by the horrible shot from Ox right in front of goal (admittedly with little time to react but he struck it as if never having previously kicked a ball in his life). Suarez misses were shocking, but he certainly gives Giroud a run for the money in terms of unpredictability, the difference being that he more often buries difficult attempts hence leading scorer.

That counter was just waiting to happen as we threw more and more forward. Which also sets the scene for the return leg, we have to go the Spain and attack needing 3 goals which means they can just destroy us on the counter.
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Two more obvious absurdities:

Theo doesn't track back and soon as he came on everyone knew the goal would come from his side

Flamini is reckless, and first action was bringing down messi for the penalty in completely predictable fashion
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I'm not even watching the game in Spain.
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As stated before - let the crisis begin
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Arsenal played well for a fair amount of the game, had some chances, but you just can't give Barca's front 3 an opening. Bayern blowing 2-0 lead was unfortunate, but at least away goals...
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As a neutral the Bayern vs Juve match was pretty awesome to watch.

IT was cool seeing the two Bayern boys scoring their classic goals with an extra shout to Robben who was great all match. Juve playing absolutely horrible the first half then coming back after being down 2 goals was also a sight to see. Allegri made some good subs.

Conte to Chelsea? I'm unsure how I feel about this but I hope that he brings his man management to our complacent team. We are already looking way better under Hiddink though.
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Ronaldo missed attempt after attempt instead of passing to on-coming attackers that were unmarked, he even missed a free header from 4 yards out, and then complained that they aren't in first because his teammates aren't on his level lol8[1].gif
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^ Ronaldo's a douche.
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Context is everything in that "selective" quote
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He also referred to himself in the third person lol

He did backtrack later (on his words, not back to defend heh heh heh) claiming he meant only the injured ones blahblahblah

It's a bit sad to acknowledge but he's certainly past his prime, though he's adapting by becoming a 12-yard box player. And in the meantime the little midget from South America keeps the magic tricks coming like Houdini, and that must just be eating away at cr's soul
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