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@Veremund @DLester where you at
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awful awful awful mad.gif
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

@Veremund @DLester where you at

I been would hide too if Arsenal were doing as badly as CFC. Other than that, fun season overall. It would be hilarious if Lester City won it all.

good game today smile.gif
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Went to the movies, just got home. Oh well, there'll be another game next week.
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Our players are totally one dimensional, which makes them very predictable. Only Giroud is unpredictable but that's because he doesn't know what he's going to do himself, thats how he misses tap ins but scores the impossible ones. Wenger went on Sky Sports afterward claiming it wasn't a red card. Costa did exaggerate, but it was clearly a foul and the last man. I have no idea why Giroud had to come off against a team that's tall and muscles us around, while Walcott ran around like a headless chicken.

I was hoping for Alexis to mark his comeback with a bang but he didn't look quite sharp enough to be thrown out there suddenly -- all he tried was juking to make space for a curler.

Also, it seems Flamini is not allowed to use his left foot. Was talking to my buddy, it's a bit ridiculous to see so many professionals completely reliant on a single foot. It comes down to training effectively so you can build the instinct to use whichever is better positioned, but there are just countless players, defenders and attackers, that are overly reliant on one or the other.

In other news, this was another insane strike, seems this weekend was at least good for that
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I was hoping to se Elneny in action. Schade.
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Cleav - who are you cheering for this afternoon? confused.gif Up the Rams!
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what a useless draw that was ... we've won 2 out of the last 7 league games.

what a goal by varde tho

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Yep, Southhampton definitely have got our number. They weren't missing Theo too much at all last night.

I'm a big fan of Flamini, but he was dreadful last night. Elneny should definitely be playing ahead of him. I really like what I saw of the Egyptian last game.

We are really missing Cazorla. Wow, what a difference without him.

Also needs to be said Forster was outstanding in goal.

Oh well, there's always a next game.
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Speaking of elneny, this is absurd lol
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nobody wants to win the prem. and why would you leave costa unmarked in the box in the 92nd min with a lead........
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I'm not complaining. United drop points, Chelsea gain few, the Gunners victorious. Not a bad weekend. Just need Leicester to trip up!
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They've tripped up plenty, including against us and Chelsea. the problem is, we don't take advantage of it when they do and instead Wenger's strategy-less affairs lead us to dropped points while the players carry on lacking any discipline with free reign to do whatever they feel like...

At least today we stopped playing after scoring rather than before...
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Your optimism is overwhelming. lol8[1].gif

I want more Elneny, and less flamini. That two-footed challenge was absurd.
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