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Loro piana overcoat

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oops. feel free to delete this.
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Wow, I've been spending way too much time on here with the flood of recent posts. In regards to your question on the LP coat, please visit your nearest Loro Piana boutique or fine menswear store and check out the real deal. I hope I don't come across as a condescending a$$, but I think its important to go through the self-education aspect of men's clothing before trying to score off Ebay. First of all, the label is strictly for LP fabric. I assume that the cloth is probably a very basic wool (the 50% cashmere blend is sketchy). Even if this was a third-party manufacturer, <$400 for the Stormguard wool would be a bargain in materials alone. Secondly, look at the detailing on this coat. I would be shocked to see an exposed button on an inner pocket from an authentic LP overcoat. The buttons themselves look to be of extremely poor quality--cheap plastic. I would bet $50 that the stiching around the sleeves is machine-made and less than a refined piece of worksmanship. Lastly, European sellers have a dubious reputation on Ebay.
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Loro Piana storm system cashmere overcoats are among the best. They are a great overcoat and raincoat at the same time. There're not the equal of Brioni, Kiton, etc. I have several storm system Loro Piana coats including wool blends but the cashmere is the worth the money. Both the black and vicuna cashmere work as formal overcoats but go with jeans also.
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KtionBrioni - I played with a piece of that Vicuna at Loro Piana when we were last in Biella and it was an experience I'll not soon forget... but with the cost of it we figured that a new Jaguar would look better wrapped around the Missus. ...if you got one of those then I am absolutely green with envy. Could you elaborate on exactly what would be required to get a place in your will assuming you are roughly 44R-46R??? My overcoat is the LP Stormproof stuff and it is probably my favorite garment. We picked up a nice piece of Carlo Barbera cashmere to make a coat for Jill and I better get busy as winter is approaching, anyone know a good place where I can get some sable at rational prices for the collar and cuffs? BTW- The Barbera is what Brioni uses and if you can find it then it is absolute HEAVEN. I fear that when her coat is done I won't like mine any longer but the good news is that I can sneak a squeeze on Jill and plead innocence under 'market research' without getting an elbow :-)
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The Loro Piana storm system overcoat is 100% cashmere in the "vicuna" color. However, I do have a couple of vintage vicuna overcoats (50 years or older) in black and vicuna. Their finish is still most fine. Their "hand" is not the equal of my Brioni or Kiton cashmere overcoats. The hand on my Kiton guanaco overcoat (in the natural vicuna color) is very close to the vicuna samples in Kiton's made to order. I've not come across any modern ready to ware vicuna coats or overcoats.
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KB: I've only seen one done and it was a custom job for about $30K. Had the owner not been a friend and 4 sizes smaller than me I think I probably would have had to mug him which would be bad - the only way I would get out of jail is with 12 of you guys in the jury box. ..If I spend $30k on a coat it has to be in solid black - appropriate for my funeral after Jill strangles me with a 7-fold. Important safety note - if you buy true Vicuna and don't first get one for the wife then they may or may not find your sumptuously attired corpse but you will almost certainly be killed :-)
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tongue.gif hahahaha! this is so funny happy.gif I think i'll be tempted to do the same if being right in front of a vicuna coat happy.gif
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