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Originally Posted by Aristocrat View Post
Haha for me too actually, but I registered on euro-cig before bringing it up to SF, didn't actually click on the provided link until now.

Originally Posted by Clark View Post
The same happens to me as well, and also in the link you provided in the Eric Glennie thread:

Strange, but funny


Edit: But it works when I paste it here...

Well I must confess to my European friends (since this phenomenon doesn't appear to have made it over there yet) that you both have been "rickrolled". Click here for a definition (I promise it won't go to that annoying Rick Astley video).

It's supposed to be funny when someone clicks on a link to what he thinks is an item of interest but then is dismayed to get that video instead! (Silly American humor...) So I must apologize to you both for the confusion. I most definitely do not find that hideous cobra-skin necktie to be the least bit interesting; I merely posted that link in the hope that some unsuspecting person would click on it. Same with the Cartier cigarettes... they were never available at such a low price, but I tweaked the link to look like it would take you to a site selling cigarettes; when in fact I knew all along that it would lead to late 80's Rick Astley. Now, go rickroll your friends! And don't forget the duckbutter.
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Haha, I figure it out after having searched around a little I will stay away from your links for a while (wont even click that one to the urban dictionary ). /C
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Originally Posted by Clark View Post
Haha, I figure it out after having searched around a little

I will stay away from your links for a while (wont even click that one to the urban dictionary ).


Not to worry! I won't be posting any more dubious links... I don't want to be "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"!

In order to save you from a potential rickroll, here's the definition of "rickroll".

"Rickrolled -- A recent developed term that pertains to a user being tricked and led to a video produced by "cotter548" which directed users to the music video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.
A person will try to trick, or "rickroll" you by means of displaying any false information, or commonly a false "video" that shows interest to the community; deception.

The term was developed by users on forums that have located the video and have known that is has no particular value or even remotely related to the game/community which is directed to develop anger by the user who clicks the link.

"Rickrolled" is a fruition of the earlier word, "Duckrolled" which is the same meaning of deception.
The practice of tricking people into viewing this song is called the Rickroll, trolls who do it are called Rickrollers, and people who are tricked by this are "Rickroll'D" or "Rickrolled"

This term and practice is being spread out mainly by the gaming community and by online forums. Usually a user may announce a video that has probably been leaked or a video that has value to the community; when the link actually leads them to the same video created by "cotter548" called "Rickroll'D" or "Rickrolled."

In due time this term may cause conflict among forums; due to false information spreading out coming into conflict with true information; or by means of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

Person 1: Dude, I got rickrolled twice today.. not cool.
Person 2: Who or what is rickroll... I've heard it way too many times today.
Person 1: Like u think you are getting a link to something cool and that fucking video hits.

Forum Newbie: Dudes, check out this new leaked video of this new mod coming out for the game!
Forum Regular: omfg not that video again!
Forum Regular2: I've been rickrolled too many times.. I know the lyrics already!
Forum Admin: WHAT THE F***"
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amerikajinda's generous exposition of rickrolling is the best thing I've ever heard.
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Originally Posted by landho View Post
amerikajinda's generous exposition of rickrolling is the best thing I've ever heard.

Good enough to be a Ph.D. thesis.
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Is there anyone that could look help me picking some up?
The guy whom offered himself haven't replied.
I would be most grateful for any help.
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perhaps someone out of boston can assist you.

the only place i've seen cartier cigs was when in boston. the name of the place escapes me, but it's on the other side of anthropologie store off newbury st. i don't know if they have cartons, but it was about $7/pack.

or try to google and find the shop and contact them directly and see if they'd mail it out to you.
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I may be able to get you a carton when I go abroad on the 24th. The airport duty-free has them, of course.
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@ Aristrocrat: I'd never become a serious smoker until I started smoking Cartier Milds. They are deuced difficult to get, but I'd keep finding them in the thriving black markets in Bombay and Bangalore. I've also found them in the Hong Kong duty free and the Dubai duty Free (only once).

But I bought a carton last week from Bangalore and found that they've changed the cigarette completely :-( The tobacco no longer smells as sweet, the filter is not pearl tipped any more and they have, well, become quite ordinary. Sigh. Maybe a good thing - I think I might just be able to quit smoking bcoz I don't find any other cigarette quite as satisfying. Cigars - ah, those I can still enjoy :-)

Anybody else knows about Cartier changing their cigarettes? Even the pack has changed to a flat 20s pack from the normal stacked double height pack.
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are cartiers any good? i managed to acquire a pack when i was a callow youth who didnt smoke much. i'll pick up a carton (or a pack if they sell singles) next time i'm in an airport if you guys REALLY recommend them for reference, i smoke davidoffs (the deep red packs, not the lights). can't stand dunhills though for some reason, they have this lingering weakness in the taste, i dunno why edit - now that i think about it, it might be because the carton of dunhills i got were stale
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What curious question
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