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Anyone else enjoy playing pool or billiards? We have a pool hall at my school, in the Union, and it's pretty reasonable (only $3/hr) so I've been playing three or four times a week. It's cool because I can see myself getting better every time I play. My friend used to be better than me, maybe 4 months ago. Last night when we played, I won all five games. Also, those pro players on ESPN are just nuts. I can't believe anyone can be that skilled.
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i used to play pool every day when i was in high school. i had a table in my garage. it can be addicting when you see yourself improving and, like anything else, when you stop for a while, you'll lose your touch pretty fast. i only play in bars now, and i hardly ever go to bars, which means you'd probably beat me if we played.
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I used to play quite a bit and was fairly good, me and a friend had a pretty good scam going hustling drunk college kids in downtown Madison back in my college days you do lose it quite quickly though, I played recently and wasn't nearly as good as I was in the past.
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