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High end jeans-makers, with the exception of Diesel, only make one length for their jeans, and they tend to cut long to maximize the range of people who can wear them.  Different models within a company can have different lengths (for instance, the PDC GTO cuts I've seen all had a ~32" inseam, while the ICN's tended to be as long as ~34").  This can be a pain, but obviously the inference is that someone who buys $180 jeans is willing to go to the trouble to spend the $15 and time required to get them hemmed. As far as waist and cut goes, it helps to try different brands out at your high end department stores, but if you can't do that, just ask the seller for approximate measurements, and go by those.
One huge problem re. the single inseams is the placement of the "wear" patterns. If you are not the correct height, the location of some of the "wear" will be off, and that can look silly.