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Water damage to leather goods

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Hello everyone, So a couple days ago, my girlfriend accidentally (at least I hope so) spilled a glass of water on my leather striped paul smith wallet (example below) It apparently sat in the pool of water for an hour or so and is now pretty damaged from the whole incident. I towel/air-dried the wallet and it is now ok, but one side (the water exposed one) is kind of hard/brittle from the ordeal. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to restore it to its original condition.  It is still usable, but not nearly as soft/smooth as when I originally purchased it a few weeks ago. I'd love suggestions on some kind of leather toner/cream that would be usable on such a sensitive piece (not sure how dyed the stripes are onto the leather, and I wouldn't want to completely rub off the wallet pattern) Thanks in advance,
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Honestly, just use it a lot. After a while, the leather will soften and smooth out naturally.
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Perhaps either a leather conditioner (either the kind meant for leather upholistery, or for leather jackets and such) or a leather cream (for shoes) might work. These are just suggestions, though, I've never tried either, so you should just try them on a small corner of the wallet first.
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I've heard neat's foot oil for softening up leather but not explicitly for dyed/glazed/painted leather. I don't know if it would be a good idea but there you go. On leather upholstery (in my car) I use a solution of 7 or so to 1 water:woolite to clean it, and then use a leather conditioner meant for upholstery like Lexol. This stuff is meant for leather with a coating on it, and also designed not to rub off onto clothes when used as directed. It softens leather up pretty well. You might look into that, it's only 6 bucks or so.
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I agree with LA Guy. Using it a lot is the best way to restore leather. -Tom
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looks like the wallpaper in my friends apartment that has not changed since 1976.
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I appreciate the suggestions. I guess I'll just try living in it for a while and hope it gets back to normal.  Maybe I can beat it up or something - akin to baseball players beating up their gloves to wear them in. On the positive, maybe it will tone down the brightness of the wallet a bit.  I ordered it online and it arrived a bit louder than what I initially estimated. Thanks again,
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LA Guy's suggestion will work, eventually, but mink oil will restore it to like-new condition immediately and shouldn't adversely affect the colour. (Get it from your local shoe repair shop.)
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I would be leery of using mink oil on this item because of the colors. Maybe a light coating of Lexol, or Meltonian neutral.
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