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To each his own, but I wouldn't want anyone to come away from this discussion believing that all expensive Swiss watches are necessarily delicate, or that the chief reason for owning them is brand snobbery. I'm sure that some such timepieces indeed are delicate, and that certain of their owners take a silent satisfaction, from time to time, in impressing others--but the inherent beauty and, yes, durability of a great Swiss watch count too. Mine has been ticking for more than a half-century, and to my eyes there's no more stylishly understated wrist ornament anywhere. Others' experiences may--and no doubt will.--vary.
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I personally think the watches would look kind of cool with a pair of PDCs, cool sneakers, an untucked paul smith shirt and a fred perry track jacket. Maybe I'd throw on a blazer and be what LA Guy likes to call an "American Jackass"
Wow, it's like you're daring me to unload both barrels. Actually, this could look quite cool. I would personally pick a simple Steven Alan or Coast instead of a Paul Smith shirt, and would use either the track jacket *or* the shirt but not both, and make sure that the blazer was either true vintage and/or made from some more textured material. And FYI, the American jackass look isn't really complete unless you wear dress shoes or those dress/casual monstrosities, usually black. Only then is your learning complete.
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And do make sure that they are square-toed dress shoes with rubber soles and corrected grain leather. I think the concept of dressing high-low is a difficult one, because different items that you would buy do not look scale proportionately in how prestigious they look to their cost. Colors / styles matter more than cost.. A gold watch can look stunning and add wonderful flair to an outfit that has colors that match the tones.. i.e. brown, olive, grey, and general vintage-y feel, regardless of if it's a mavado or a cartier. In example, I might wear $500 Prada boots mixed in with some independent designer wear, but no one would be marvelling at the shoes alone and how much they must cost because it is part of the outfit and when done correctly, looks as though they were meant to go with it.
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KC Split Seconds would be perfect.
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I guess the Diesel, KC, Hugo Boss, and some other watches just scream faux-Euro to me, and not in a good way. They remind me of something you'd see on some extra in Eurotrip in a club scene... Just my personal opinion, generally I am a big fan of dive/pilot style watches though, so that may cloud my judgment.

hmm got a point there(although diesle isnt really a "club brand").. while europen style is without a doubt great and a nice diesel watch like these Diesel Horloge are ok on your wrist for everyday life, they cant be compared to a rose gold automatic US Hamilton watch on my optinion.
My personal favorite hamilton watch Hamilton horloge jazzmaster auto chrono
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