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i love cute kitties and doggies.
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dogs, panda bears, I think alpacas are really cute
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The vampire squid is such a beautiful (and bizarre) animal. Please watch the video, it's really amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5ZQH2Uzpew
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I find marine animals fascinating. Given that we have discovered only a very few of the deep sea creatures, I wonder what other fantastically bizarre animals are still lurking there.
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The octopus.
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Not the Chairman?
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Cows, elephants, and alligators.
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Not the Chairman?
If cats had eight arms, they would be my favorite animal.
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Originally Posted by Dedalus View Post
Ducks. Not only are they funny looking, they're delicious!

The Rabbit is also versatile in this way. They are soft, gentle, cute and cuddly, and also surprisingly tasty.
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When I visited Africa, I felt the strongest connection with elephants. There is something very endearing about them, while clearly commanding respect at the same time.

But my favorite animal on that trip was the warthog. It really cracked me up

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Cheetah: Speed and grace

Komodo Dragon: Big-a** lizard

Wolverine (the real one): Bad-a** weasel
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Def. not my favorite animal:

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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
Def. not my favorite animal: Jon.
Soooo you're asexual? Or a frustrated homo? I can't figure it out
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