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How much can we criticize?

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I was just wondering what the rules are for any criticisms of any brands out there. I noticed that there were some recent posts about how poor a brand were taken down. I think the moderator said he feared this would be libel. Same with the askandy site too. Some guy there was banned for saying certain tailors were a ripoff. Now, I understand that there are certain industry insiders who are on this forum as well, and that they contribute to our discussions. But, I don't understand why these posts are out of bounds if there is some truth in them. I mean, if somebody had a really bad experience with a suit maker, shouldn't he be allowed to say so.
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I don't think anyone was banned for saying something was a ripoff. I think all the bans were after multiple warnings for patterns of behavior the moderator(s) deemed inappropriate. That said, I think we're (almost) all capable of airing any criticism without it being construed as libel. dan
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The reason the posts were taken down was because they were untrue but meant as sort of a joke, but they would not have appeared so to new users. They involved forum 'inside jokes' that you could look back in the archives and read. The idea was to salvage some of the deals forum members like to keep somewhat quiet from all the new traffic. I think the best way to accomplish this would be instead just not to mention anything you don't want the whole world to know about, at least for a while. As to your question, you are free to criticize anything you like as long as what you post is true and any opinions are clearly represented as such. And in fairness to businesses it would only be proper to contact them first and let them have the first opportunity to right their wrong; after which you are free to have at them in public. We definitely welcome any info that will save others from a bad experience.
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I just said, what J said... but I have a splint on my finger, and he beat me to it.
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Just out of curiosity, what did people say or do to get banned from this forum?
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Just out of curiosity, what did people say or do to get banned from this forum?
You should be OK as long as you treat people with respect and don't pretend to be a billionaire steel magnate.
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It wasn't the pretending to be a magnate so much as the insulting nature of the posts. This is the internet; you are free to take on a persona and live your fantasy if you really want to. But when that persona consistently acts hostile and insulting to others, he will be banned along with his host.
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Criticizing the value of clothes is helpful. It's silly to talk trash about a mall brands since most are good quality considering the cost.... but pointing out flaws in premium brands is a good thing (esp. those w/200-300% markup).
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