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Anyone know a good mild shampoo?

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I'm getting older (mid-20s) and i find that my face isn't as oily as it used to be. Recently though i find that my shampoo is burning away my skin. It's always really dry now after i wash my hair. I need something that's mild and won't dry-out my skin with frequent use. Any recommendations?
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the only things i know are that Clarifying shampoos are very drying. I've also recently read that 2 in 1 shampoos can acutally leave dirt and oil in your hair... not much help but maybe some
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I like Aveda rosemary mint. It doesnt seem to dry out my skin. The smell is great too.
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I use Suave Daily Clarifying (or something, just look for the 'daily&#39. It's ultra cheap, takes the gunk out of my hair but doesn't leave it dry or slimy like the more fruity expensive shampoos. Doesn't smell like much of anything either, which I like. Plus I love reading the back where it says, "Suave gets your hair just as clean for less than the more expensive brands." Well, duh... unless I'm confused, everything costs less than the 'more expensive' brands.
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The Dove shampoos are pretty good - try the one with conditioner and shampoo. Bradford
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Paul Mitchell Shampoo One or Awapuhi Shampoo. Very mild, light scent. The Conditioner (leave in) and soft spray gel are also very good.
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I can second the Dove shampoo recommendation. Kiehl's, Neotrogena, and J&J's baby shampoos all work well for me.
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American Crew has a really mild, gentle cleansing shampoo. I use it about every third or four shampoo to prevent build-up.
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baxter of california makes a men's daily protein shampoo which is mild for every day use korres makes a mild shampoo called aloe and soapwort for everyday use
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Have you tried the Redken product line? A friend is the rep on the West coast and she had my wife try the line, and it has improved her hair quality quite well, she suffers from to much color stress, and she needed a milder 'poo that would add bidy and fullness back to her hair.
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You might want to just try an all-natural soap, like Dr. Bronner's. It's available in bars and liquid form.
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I've used Pert Plus for several years. Seems to work fine for me.
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I use Bumble and Bumble brand. I am prone to dry skin and it has seemed to help.
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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. I kid you not.
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Try Redkin products, especially the one's designed for treated hair, they are very mild on the strands, do not leave a build up, and will not strip your hair.
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