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The passing of geoffrey beene

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Geoffrey Beene passed away today. He was one of the finest designers this country has ever seen. His designs were truely original and amazingly constructed. He was always seen in his Ascot chang Banded collar shirts, Grey Flannel pants and a knit sweater jacket. At one point his shirts were the best selling designer brand in this country. He actually worked on the moderately priced line of ties and shirts which took up so much space in the main floor of most American department stores. He didn't just sign off on the designs with out adding his input. Carl
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Unfortunately, with most of today's conglomerates, the original designer or vision is no longer kept alive. Instead, they're more interested in cashing out when they sell. I think Bill Blass was the only person who tried to continue his legacy, once he sold out. He didn't just sell to the highest bidder. Instead, he sold to people who had worked for him for years and knew what he wanted to do.
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I met Mr. Beene about 10 years ago and made some shirts and boxer shorts for his shop on 5th Ave, which is now The home of Dominco Vacco. He did stay on top of his lisencee. I remember seeing him make fabric choices for his shirt line. Granted the shirt was a piece of ..., but they got the look he wanted. I also did a little work for Bill Blass women's wear. Also a first class designer. Sadly PBM the holder of the liscense has closed their philadelphia Factory. They may have even sold off the name to someone else as well.
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That's a real shame. I always liked the colors and patterns of the Beene shirts, although they were mostly too big for me. It's good to know he always had a hand in the design process. I had one shirt, a bright purple herringbone with a blue stripe where the herringbone changed direction, that always drew many, many compliments.
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I think I have a Beene tie somewhere in my closet. I'll have to bring it out for today. For someone my age (mid-30s) Beene is primarily a name on lower end department store shirts and ties, similar to Bill Blass, although I would probably consider the Beene goods better. I really know nothing of their original designs or concepts, which is sad for their legacy. You have to give Ralph Lauren some credit here, I think. Although there's a lot of garbage turned out with his name, I think the core line still has his vision. Of course now he has Purple Label on the luxe end.
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