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Leather jacket care

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Does anyone have any recommendations of products to waterproof and condition the leather of a jacket?
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I believe mink oil works on leather clothing items.
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I´ve used Lexol cleaners and conditioners for years on both my leather jackets and my German car seats. All are in great condition and I credit the Lexol. The only downside is the scent of the conditioner. I´d suggest you let your jacket air out for several days afterwards so the scent has time to fade. Lexol is not a waterproofing product. I don´t think it is a good idea to try to waterproof a nice leather jacket. Some light rain isn´t going to hurt anything. A surprise downpour isn´t going to make me panic but I´d avoid it. I´d wear proper raingear if I know the weather is going to be wetter than a light sprinkle. Wipe or shake off any excess water and let the jacket dry out. I have several leather jackets including a six-year-old Ferragamo in black lambskin that I have treated this way and wore far too often, maybe 100 times a year at one point, and they look nearly new other than accidental abrasion marks. I see no ill effects from water. By the way, suede should be treated differently than the above. I am new to suede so I´d look to others for advice on that if that is what you are looking for. -Ed
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