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Erm, without being too on-topic, re: Y-3 -- kind of an uneven branding concept, space alien meets jock, but I do have a marvelous black sweatshirt/outerwear thing that's made of the coolest perforated space alien fabric and some interesting black on black logo treatments. It's nice and tightly tailored and perfect to throw on over a ($200 Versace, naturally ) t-shirt for a cool-but-not-cold San Francisco afternoon. But other than that, I never found anything really astonishing about the much-hyped collaboration.
You know it's true too, because when you're trying on that $600 Dior Homme hoodie, you're thinking in the back of your head, "Okay okay I promise this is all justified, good craftsmanship, best styling, kids would die to wear this, etc. etc. but honestly... punk rock clothing. $600. Okay." I love the fabrics that YY chooses, and I am a big fan of the black-on-black logo treatments that you speak of. In fact, I think Y-3 is my favorite line at the moment. Athletic influences, semi-shiny luxurious fabrics, slim, hip cuts, and in black... such is the gestalt of Yamamoto.