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Vogel custom boots / shoes in manhattan?

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wondering if anyone has info on a shop called E. Vogel here in New York City.  They're down in the Village and according to their website www.vogelboots.com have been making custom boots since 1879.  Quite a selection of boots for riding and hunting, which is not my thing, but they also list a fair range of custom shoes on offer. Anybody have experience with this shop?  They're asking $850 for the first pair, $650 thereafter.  John Lobb is out of my price range ($2750 per pair last time I asked, and that was before the pound-dollar exchange went hugely in favor of the Brits), but I'm always in the market for shoes. thanks in advance for your feedback
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You can find member TimelessRider's experience here.
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Vogel makes an excellent equestrian boot, Mark, but their shoes, while manufactured to good standards, are not particularly elegant. What gives a top flight shoe (custom or ready-made) its unique presence has a great deal to do with the waist, the portion of the shoe that cradles your arch. Note the shape of Cleverley, Vass, or Green lasts: there is a pronounced narrowing to the center, which allows the forward parts of the shoes to flare in a voluptuous, highly individual manner. Vogel does make a quality product, but slightly more money will bring a much higher taste level--ready-made, which, as we both know, provides instant gratification, and considering the present state of the planet, there is a lot of good to be said about that.... Regards, Jack
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Bumping this thread to see if anyone else has had experience with Vogel. My wife wants a pair of riding boots from there.
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My wife has a custom pair of Vogel boots, used primarily for shows (hunters) and she is very pleased with them. They are her third (or fourth)pair of Vogel boots and they last a long time, assuming you don't use the baby calf (very soft, not as durable). I believe her latest pair is imported calfskin.

A young employee of Vogel's measured my wife and the fit is perfect. It seems that Mr. Vogel was at a show when she went in for a fitting. They close for a few weeks in the summer which slows turnaround time, so I would go soon (or pay up for expedited service).
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