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Hans Gruber and his boys evidently took control of customs again at the Louisville airport and they have a gun pointed at my ties...  negotiating a solution, will keep you informed...
Probably U of L grads...
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I was suddenly stopped by the salesperson and he asked me "where did you get that shirt and that tie". I told him it is made by Carlo Franco...
Which shirt and tie did you have?
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I have all of his shirts and about 3 of his ties.
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What is the fit like on the shirts? I'm a relatively fit guy, so anything designed for overweight, middleaged men would be far too baggy on me.
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I don't think there is any danger of a baggy fit. Although I'm sure Chuck or Jill can weigh in here with more authority but, speaking personally, I'm a 42s and wear their 15 x 33 and it's perfect to snug depending on the quality/quantity of the previous night's dinner. Besides the sleeve and neck sizing, the shirts also have a waist size included on the website, so that might help give you a better sense of whether these would be a good choice.
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LOL, Sorry to be missing out on a thread about us but I'm knee deep in getting the new collection finished up. Fit-wise we are on the slim side. I have always hated a shirt that fit me well across the chest/shoulder area while fitting like one of Auntie Ethel's moomoos in the midsection. New collection will be same fit but will have a longer tail on it. I know, I know - taking forever to get it out. Back to work. We're deciding on buttons and fabrics tonight... actually narrowing down fabrics and we'll put the 'finalists' up on the site in a couple days and let folks help us decide. It is amazing just how many grades of MOP there are and how many shapes you can have for something as simple as a button. Jill thinks I've lost it because I removed the buttons from one of my shirts, sewed the finalists on and am now buttoning and unbuttoning to see which works best. Tomorrow I know just the perfect incompetent dry cleaner to take it to... any button left unscathed is a sure winner, I think this guy has a creature in the back that eats buttons.
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Any chance of shirts with 36" - 37" sleeves? In 15 1/2 neck?
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Any chance for a 14.5" with 32" sleeves? please
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Chuck I was hoping for a 16.25 neck and a 33 7/8 sleeve. Could you stock that in all your fabrics, collar and cuff styles?
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How about 13.5" neck with 36.66" sleeves?
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