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(A Harris @ 28 Sep. 2004, 3:44) Seriously though Steve, I was in Neimans a few weeks ago, and their Kitons are almost all $195-$225 at the moment. Darn that Euro...
Ummm Andrew... Nice to blame the Euro on EVERYTHING (and trust me it does hurt) but just out of curiosity..what currency do you think Chuck and I use? JJF
Philippines Pesos? Jon.
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Well, Andrew, then I stand (unhappily) corrected. $195-225- that's a lot...
I'd better enjoy this, I think it may be the only time ever that I knew something about men's retail that Steve didn't And yes, that is a lot. I think my eyes may have bugged out.
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Mr Andrew, I just got done emailing Chuck about an item he has on auction. He siad to tell you Mr Franklin will arive at your house by tomoorow afternoon sir. < impish grin> I have 3 of his 4 Seven Fold from last year and they are fantastic btw. The only tie I have ever worn where a gentleman came over just to compliment me on my tie. I have a roundish face and mostly wear point ( European point mostly ) collars. Do i underatnd correctly that I should lean toward the campagnas then for the tighter or smaler knots please? For nights out about town I occasionally like a tie bar ( A Grandaughter type present when she needs the fast and sure thing to buy me. She has good taste though. Thanks wife). Some ties dont play well with a tie bar and point collars. Will the Como work as well please? I have been putting off really reading in detail at his new website. ( still waiting for the Sartorialsolution website to no longer be a "work in progress" too ) Thanks for the insight Mr H. Respectfully, John
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I have never seen a Talbott 7-fold with a regular price other than $195. I was even lucky enough to get one on clearance for $39. I have seen Kiton ties, though, for $155 (Ben Silver), and elsewhere, $175 and $195.
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Good to hear from you Banks. Long time no see.
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A campagna will tie a smaller knot. The Euro currently SUCKS. And NickM has an interesting point that I share - While I like the idea of an unlined seven fold and the way you can see how it was made exactly, for practical purposes I prefer the Double-4 fold (Como series) now that I've settled on exactly the right type of lining to give it the resilience and perfect dimple that I want. Customers are split, some like only the unlined style, others like both, some like the lined. Will continue doing both and hope to have another 40 patterns or so in 6-8 weeks.
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Thanks Andrew - it's nice to be back. I took the break a badly needed.
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These look really interesting, and I think I'll give one (each) a try. I have two seven-fold ties. One is a Kiton, and it's quite wonderful; the other is from the defunct Harrison James (don't know who made it for them), and does not tie a very good knot. The whole thing is just too mushy, so you get neither a good dimple, nor any crispness at the top or bottom. Just doesn't hold its shape.
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Rather than start a new thread, I'm dragging this one out of the archives to add my seal of approval. Of course, I am not associated with Carlo Franco or Chuck, but merely a damn satisfied repeat customer. I recently chose a Carlo Franco Signature tie for myself (pattern S13) and wore it for the first time today. (I've given one to my father as a gift last year, and it quickly became his favorite.) The weight of the tie is very reassuring, substantial enough to hold its own against a wool overcoat but fine enough to be perfectly comfortable with a cashmere sweater. The construction is superior; I have models by Ben Silver and Sulka that pale in comparison. The pattern itself is beautiful. The photograph I linked to above does not do justice to the pattern and material. Dead on, the colors are very subtle, but as the tie moves and as light interacts with the fabric, the blues become more radiant and the background shifts between purple and deep plum. It's really something, and I'll admit that I spent more than a few minutes twisting it and moving it around just to watch the colors dance. In short, I couldn't be happier with this tie, and I encourage anyone who hasn't done so already to check out Carlo Franco.
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Thanks Jason (blush) That is actually one of my favorite ties and it is very hard to get a 2 dimensional image to capture what I love about it. I wore it out to dinner last week after a dear friend had a book signing and had a lot of questions about it. We're working up some new patterns this weekend after we get some new patterns in tomorrow morning and I will definately be reordering this pattern as is and perhaps in some other colors. The effect that you love is the result of playing around with the warp of the tie - when you bend/twist (or knot) it the color changes a bit. Jill and I like to look over a weave in every lighting situation because with most of our patterns the light changes the look. The one you mentioned is a nice quiet plum color in bright sunlight but when you wear it at night - say in a dimly lit restaurant, the blue comes out. In fact's right there in my avatar. Thanks for the kind words, we've got some interesting things coming including (finally) the (hopefully) final prototype on our new dress shirts tomorrow. LOL - hey J, can you edit the thread title to the correct url :-) ? Kind regards, Jill & Chuck
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Can someone give me a rundown of the seven vs. the double four in terms of construction techniques? I have both, and I know the seven is one piece while the four has a lining, but is there any difference as to how they are made?
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Can someone give me a rundown of the seven vs. the double four in terms of construction techniques?  I have both, and I know the seven is one piece while the four has a lining, but is there any difference as to how they are made?
Chuck has a graphic illustration somewhere (I'll look for it on the server and get back to you). I think Jonathan (FIH) has put one together also. But to answer your question. . . Since the double 4-folds are lined, that means they also have an extra layer of silk (to cover the lining). Therefore, to fold that 7 times would be TOOoo much of a good thing. The 7-fold is an assymetrical folding pattern, overlapping the layers. Wherease the 4-fold is folded symmetrically, with all folds meeting at the center. Kinda hard to describe verbally, but that's the sum of it. I'll go look for the pix now.
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Last time I checked (Monday), Kiton ties were exactly $200 at Bergdorf Goodman.
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I've got the bug and ordered my first campagna series last week. I kick the delivery man's ass evertime he comes to the office and doesn't have my tie. -Jim-
post #30 of 44 was the graphic, sorry about that... Hans Gruber and his boys evidently took control of customs again at the Louisville airport and they have a gun pointed at my ties... negotiating a solution, will keep you informed...
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