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I have a round face and know that I should get a frame that is geometric (rectangular-ish) in shape. My question is, should the top half of the frame completely cover my brows? Or can my eyebrows be literally above the frame? I find that to achieve the former, the frames should be bigger...unfortunately, this style does is not flattering at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm a glasses freak - love them. And I have a roundish face too. Yes, retangular frames will be best for your face, but you'll have to try on a lot of individual frames to find the best one (or ones) for you. Where are you located. Maybe I could recommend a good optometrist. In L.A., you should definitely check out L.A. Eyeworks on Melrose - great selection. Remember to choose color(s) complimentary to your eye and hair color and skin tones as well.
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Thank you LAGuy. I am in midtown and live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I have premature gray hair which on most days I love so I know a black frame would suit me best. What about my question about the amount of brow showing above the glasses? Doesn't matter you think? Thanks.
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What about my question about the amount of brow showing above the glasses? Doesn't matter you think?
It really depends on the specific style. In general, I think that the frame probably shouldn't cover the whole brow - unless you are going for huge 80's style zyl frames.
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The vast majority of glasses I see these days are sufficiently small that the entire eyebrow is above the frame.  Perhaps it is just a swing of the fashion pendulum in one direction that will swing the other way in a few years (kind of the opposite of the "big watch" trend).  Small glasses do have the added benefit of allowing a thinner lens -- a significant plus if your prescription is as strong as mine. A dark blue frame is also quite nice -- I recently purchased a pair of Silhouettes in that color.
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