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For Sale: DROPS! 65 SHIRT MEGATHREAD! Turnbull & Asser, Mercer & Sons., Marol of Bologna, Gitman, Orvis, Brooks Bros., Armani, Madras, Pure Irish Linen, RL Polos, Dress shirts from Gitman Bros., more! FREE SHIPPING & OFFERS WELCOME!

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For Sale:
DROPS! 65 SHIRT MEGATHREAD! Turnbull & Asser, Mercer & Sons., Marol of Bologna, Gitman, Orvis, Brooks Bros., Armani, Madras, Pure Irish Linen, RL Polos, Dress shirts from Gitman Bros., more! FREE SHIPPING & OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I have a whole slew of beautiful and classic shirts to pass on today, from exquisite Italian makers Marol of Bologna, to the Ivy classic of authentic short sleeve madras--and everything in between!

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE USA; International inquries are welcome, with shipping at cost!


Please PM with interest and offers!

1) Gitman Bros. Authentic Madras shirt for Paul SImon. Excellent condition! Made in the USA. Size XL. Chest: 23 1/2. Asking just $18 > 16



2) SOLD Alvin Dennis of Lexington Va. Excellent condition. Mad ein the USA. Size 16.5-35. Asking $17.



3) SOLD Orvis. 82% cotton, 18% wool. A lovely check shirt, perfect for Fall! Excellent condition. Size M. Chest: 22 1/4; sleeve: 34. Asking just $18.


th_DSC08103_zps8wjhdmkd.jpg th_DSC08102_zps6m0r47wr.jpg

4) SOLD Huntington popover. Made in the USA. Size L. Chest: 22 1/2. Short sleeves. Excellent condition. Asking $16.


th_DSC08099_zpsd7es7ubs.jpg th_DSC08098_zps34ff6fqx.jpg

5) Gitman Bros. chambray colored shirt. Lovely! Made in the USA. Tab collar. 17/5-35. Excellent condition. Asking $18 > 16


th_DSC08096_zpsq0buggfj.jpg th_DSC08095_zpswk3vsjqw.jpg th_DSC08094_zpsjghr5u6b.jpg

6) RL Polo polo shirt. The American icon! Burgundy. Size L. Very Good/Excellent condition. Chest: 23. Asking just $16 > 12


th_DSC08092_zpsgbna6znk.jpg th_DSC08091_zpswzccohms.jpg

7) SOLD Lacoste. A beautiful pale pink! A summer Ivy classic. Size 6. Chest: 21 1/2. Excellent condition. Just $16.


th_DSC08089_zpshxv2ezll.jpg th_DSC08088_zpspu2rd5wo.jpg

8) Bonobos shirt. Popover. Size XL. Very Good condition. Chest: 22. Asking just $16 > 14



9) SOLD Brooks Brothers shirt in Irish linen. A gorgeous shade of pale yellow, my pictures don't do this justice at all! Immaculate condition. Chest: 22 1/2, sleeve: 34. Size M. Asking just $20.


th_DSC08083_zpsxep7kvyo.jpg th_DSC08081_zps2akicb3u.jpg

10) Land's End OCBD. 17-34. Made in the USA. Excellent condition. $15 > 12


th_DSC08079_zpsufj4dlhm.jpg th_DSC08077_zpscwisn5f2.jpg

11) SOLD Burberry. A beautiful shirt in the classic novacheck, this also features the Burberry Knight logo discreetly on the chest pocket. Excellent condition. Size L. Chest: 23 1/2; sleeve: 33 1/4. Asking just $22.



th_DSC08074_zpsl4tucere.jpg th_DSC08073_zpsrpcprier.jpg

12) RL Polo shirt. An American icon! In burgundy with a navy logo. Very Good/Excellent condition. Size L. Chest: 22. Asking $16 > 12


th_DSC08072_zpsl2ttzhl3.jpg th_DSC08070_zpslwpoccti.jpg

13) RL Polo shirt. An American icon! Dark grey, with red logo. Very Good/Excellent condition. Size L. Chest: 23. Asking $16 > 12


th_DSC08069_zpsikeuffad.jpg th_DSC08067_zps25nyouyv.jpg

14) RL Polo shirt. In black, with red logo. Size L. Chest: 22. Very Good/Excellent condition. Asking $15 > 12


th_DSC08063_zpsdz2cao5k.jpg th_DSC08066_zpsgxcfzrhb.jpg

15) RL Polo shirt. In a lovely purple-blue, with a red logo. Size XL. Excellent condition. Chest: 25. Asking just $16 > 12


th_DSC08060_zpswmswmpap.jpg th_DSC08062_zpsb1tysmdu.jpg

16) RL Polo shirt. In black. Size L. Chest: 23. Very Good/Excellent condition. Red logo. Asking just $15 > 12



17) J. McLaughlin polo shirt. In a lovely orange and lilac stripe. Very Good/Excellent condition. From the Princeton store, this originally cost a fortune! Chest: 22 1/4. Asking $16 > 12


th_DSC08055_zpsuona2sch.jpg th_DSC08054_zpsukjmc0hv.jpg

18) Ralph Lauren madras--genuine handwoven madras. Size L. Long sleeves; excellent condition. Asking just $20 > 15 Chest: 25 1/2; sleeve: c.34.


th_DSC08014_zpsd4ifsqac.jpg th_DSC08015_zpsmtms4p6z.jpg[/URL

19) SOLD MADE IN ITALY Armani Collezioni. Size 17L. A lovely Italian shirt, which demonstrates clearly Armani's reputation, before it started to slide into diffusion lines. Please do look at the close-up of the fabric, which is simply beautiful. This shirt is in excellent condition, except for a 1mm thread snag on one shoulder at the back. Asking just $20 > 15, or offer.

th_DSC07897_zpsviww7h08.jpg th_DSC07895_zpsx8xlpbms.jpg th_DSC07896_zpsvrqsrvcu.jpg th_DSC07898_zpsoh5bdzkf.jpg

20) SOLD Marol of Bologna. Widely reputed to be among the BEST handmade shirts in the world, this is a really, really, REALLY gorgeous example of the shirtmaker's art! I'm not sure where to begin in describing it, so, for once, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. It's a size 17. It was Made in Italy-well, it was made in Bologna, so this is rather obvious! It's in absolutely excellent condition. Asking just $25, or offer--a small fraction of its original retail.

th_DSC07887_zpshpkuagqd.jpg th_DSC07886_zpsozhcybep.jpg th_DSC07885_zpsrl5mge0a.jpg th_DSC07884_zpsawf9bbsx.jpg th_DSC07883_zpsuehaxilk.jpg th_DSC07888_zpsvlam5ogh.jpg

21) Brooks Brothers MADE IN THE USA straight collar shirt. 16.5-35. The start of some minor fraying at the cuff, as shown, hence just Very Good condition, and so $15

th_DSC07904_zpszsji4igl.jpg th_DSC07905_zpsb22oribd.jpg th_DSC07907_zpsei5v0mez.jpg

22) Brooks Brothers "Makers" shirt. Clearly custom made, this is for the larger trad! Chest: 20 1/4; sleeve" 36 1/2; length: 33. Asking just $16 > 12

th_DSC05708_zpsypzwy539.jpg th_DSC05709_zpsuwoxyoip.jpg th_DSC05710_zpsbhuyqkbm.jpg

23) LL Bean script label shirt. Chest pocket. Excellent condition. Size L. Chest: 21 1/2; sleeve: 35; length: 29 3/4. Asking just $15 > 14

th_DSC05716_zpsbbwxf1qi.jpg th_DSC05718_zpsogj6osuw.jpg th_DSC05719_zpsmjlzduml.jpg

24) SOLD Mercer & Sons. Trad GRAIL shirt! 17.5-35. Very Good condition. Asking just $24.

th_DSC05725_zpsvme4dyjd.jpg th_DSC05726_zpscrs11en6.jpg th_DSC05727_zpsmlxvvmp0.jpg

25) SOLD Mercer & Sons. Another Trad GRAIL shirt! 16.5-34. Excellent condition! Asking just $24

th_DSC05728_zpsbarsykgc.jpg th_DSC05729_zps4eaxsxs8.jpg th_DSC05730_zpsilz1xswg.jpg

26) SOLD MADE IN USA Land's End rugby. A lovely, classic shirt. This has some minor pilling throughout, hence is in Very Good condition. Size L. Chest: 21 1/2; sleeve: 25 1/2; length: 29 1/2. Asking just $12.

th_DSC04510_zps9bafa450.jpg th_DSC04511_zps6412dc23.jpg th_DSC04512_zps5eb1b9e5.jpg

27) Brooks Brothers tartan. 16.5-R. Made in the USA. Asking just $18 > 16

th_DSC04388_zps1a59c8f8.jpg th_DSC04389_zps327c098a.jpg th_DSC04390_zps0f5b181d.jpg

28) Bentini. Laundry mark on label, as shown. French cuffs. Chest: 21, sleeve: 32.5. Just $15 > 12

th_DSC04391_zps92967cf6.jpg th_DSC04392_zps8aa8c958.jpg th_DSC04393_zpse7b6cd6d.jpg

29) Ciro Citterio. 16. Sleeve c. 34. French cuffs. Asking just $16 > 12

th_DSC04395_zpsdf4e2351.jpg th_DSC04396_zps23b487f3.jpg th_DSC04397_zps1193ef33.jpg

30) Dolce & Gabbana. 17.5. Made in Italy. Asking just $20 > 15

th_DSC04399_zpsbc0cf04f.jpg th_DSC04398_zps4adc7f89.jpg th_DSC04400_zps5e41b154.jpg th_DSC04401_zps9bf87aec.jpg

31) SOLD J. Press. 17-33. Excellent! Asking just $22 > 18

th_DSC04419_zps8ae89999.jpg th_DSC04420_zpsf22ae37b.jpg

32) SOLD Brooks Brothers. 16.5-35. Made in the USA. French cuffs. Absolutely beautiful, and in excellent condition! Asking just $20 > 18

th_DSC04423_zpsf9f55568.jpg th_DSC04424_zps46757833.jpg

33) SOLD Turnbull & Asser. 16.5. GORGEOUS! French cuffs. Asking just $23 > 20

th_DSC04425_zpsd3c95d5d.jpg th_DSC04426_zps0eff5fd2.jpg th_DSC04427_zpse368111d.jpg

34) Brooks Brothers Dress shirt. 17-34. Contrast collar and French cuffs. Some minor discolouration to the collar, hence just $10.

th_DSC01197_zpsed51bccb.jpg th_DSC01198_zpse2763427.jpg th_DSC01199_zpse98ec5d6.jpg th_DSC01200_zps463f5d0c.jpg th_DSC01201_zps863eaf1d.jpg

35) SOLD Lacoste polo shirt in orange. Size 3. Chest: 17 3/4. Asking $12

th_DSC01196_zps40eae51b.jpg th_DSC01195_zps81e6e3a1.jpg th_DSC01194_zps11d04dfb.jpg

36) Brooks Brothers point collar. Size 15-32. Just $14 > 12

th_DSC01183_zpsf5a03888.jpg th_DSC01182_zps26c391de.jpg th_DSC01181_zps4c48a9d1.jpg th_DSC01180_zps1063ebfe.jpg

37) Brooks Brothers 15-33. Straight collar. Blue. $16.

th_DSC01163_zpsbc52ef26.jpg th_DSC01162_zpsf4393d84.jpg th_DSC01161_zps685f380c.jpg

[38) SOLD LL Bean seersucker fabric summer shirt. Lovely! Size Large-Regular. Short sleeve. Chest: 23. Excellent condition. Asking just $10.

th_DSC00742_zpsfe7b6e4c.jpg th_DSC00741_zpsb0761681.jpg th_DSC00740_zpsc35f7575.jpg

39) Boss. Made in Italy. Rather... vibrant. This is all cotton, but is rather "static-y"; this will no doubt be fixed with its first wash. Asking just $8 . Chest: 20 1/2.

th_DSC00710_zpsece3d234.jpg th_DSC00709_zpscce1cdda.jpg th_DSC00708_zps9aba3158.jpg

40) GAP Madras. Size XL. VERY large! Excellent condition. Chest: 27. Asking $9.

th_DSC00695_zpse167363b.jpg th_DSC00694_zpsc5d5d442.jpg th_DSC00693_zpsf4d77bb4.jpg

41) Lord & Taylor madras. Excellent condition. Chest: 22. Asking just $10.

th_DSC00668_zpsf18732a8.jpg th_DSC00667_zps27a6958b.jpg th_DSC00666_zpsf7bc0baf.jpg

42) Brooks Brothers 17.5-33. Excellent condition. $10.

th_DSC06894_zps71638193.jpg th_DSC06905_zpscaa3bbe6.jpg th_DSC06906_zps715eec1f.jpg

43) Brooks Brothers. Royal Blue. MADE IN USA. 17.5-34. Excellent condition.$10.

th_DSC06917_zpse24fc5c6.jpg th_DSC06918_zps241b3a04.jpg th_DSC06919_zps402fbcc1.jpg

44) Josef Borg of Princeton. Borg was the last of the Princeton bespoke tailors to close; it shut up shop last year. This is from 1979, and is a classic Borg shirt; a true collector's item now, although utterly wearable! Chest: 26, sleeve c. 36, collar c. 19 1/2. Asking $6.

th_DSC06925_zps57d72953.jpg th_DSC06926_zps9b2275f2.jpg th_DSC06927_zps278345cb.jpg th_DSC06928_zps336b19b2.jpg th_DSC06930_zps48bfe0db.jpg

45) Polo Curham Sport Shirt. Lovely and soft and perfect for winter! Size L. Chest 23 3/4, sleeve c. 33 1/2. Excellent condition. Asking just $12.

th_DSC06969_zps6584104d.jpg th_DSC06970_zps354df654.jpg th_DSC06971_zps99bb5559.jpg

46) BOYS SIZE (thanks to Steve Smith for noting this!) Brooks Brothers Green Stripe. Size XL, Excellent condition. Chest 21, sleeve 33. Asking just $10.

th_DSC06976_zps589fb59d.jpg th_DSC06977_zpsb745bdde.jpg th_DSC06978_zps2d9c171f.jpg

47) Brooks Brothers sports shirt; in a lovely salmon. Size L. Chest 24, sleeve c. 34 1/2. Excellent condition. Asking just $12.

th_DSC07013_zps70abbc0e.jpg th_DSC07014_zpsd27e7c23.jpg th_DSC07015_zpsd14ee26c.jpg

48) Brooks Brothers blue and red stripe. Size 17.5-34/35. Excellent condition. Non iron. Asking just $9.

th_DSC07131_zps9558e570.jpg th_DSC07132_zpsfc37d478.jpg th_DSC07133_zpsfa7d25da.jpg

49) LLBean cotton casual shirt. L-Tall. Chest 24, sleeve 35 1/2. Made in Canada. Some minor brown spotting to one sleeve, hence just Good/Very Good condition, and so just $7.

th_DSC07181_zpscc8e7670.jpg th_DSC07182_zpsfeffda8b.jpg th_DSC07183_zps691fa2a6.jpg

50) Cabela's green cotton casual shirt. Chest 20 1/2, sleeve 35 1/2. Made in the USA. Very Good/Excellent condition. Asking just $9.

th_DSC07186_zpsa95d8c4e.jpg th_DSC07187_zpsed7bcbb0.jpg th_DSC07189_zps26d90288.jpg

51) SOLD Five Brothers maroon flannel shirt. THE ORIGINAL, not the $125 remakes! Chest 25,. sleeve 34 1/2. Made in the USA. Asking $15

th_DSC07249_zps96875946.jpg th_DSC07210_zpsb3b9e4bd.jpg th_DSC07211_zps4d0b9987.jpg

52) Land's End white shirt. Size 16. Excellent condition. Asking $8.

th_DSC07232_zps0a6c80b3.jpg th_DSC07234_zps5ea79d6b.jpg

53) SOLD House of Walsh Indian Madras; this is closer to flannel than summer madras, and is lovely and soft! Very Good/Excellent condition. Chest; 21, sleeve 34. Asking just $10.

th_DSC07271_zps98fed7ab.jpg th_DSC07272_zpsae66afeb.jpg th_DSC07273_zps65d6a532.jpg th_DSC07274_zpsea5e7c6d.jpg

54) Land's End tattersall shirt, size 17-34. Excellent condition. $9.

th_DSC07281_zpsa3fffab6.jpg th_DSC07282_zpsbaf8b455.jpg th_DSC07283_zpsf9e88aac.jpg

55) Brooks Brothers 17-33. Salmon pink. Excellent condition. $12.

th_DSC08295_zps4bc1c787.jpg th_DSC08296_zps6efec4c0.jpg

56) Land's End. 17-33. Excellent condition. $8.

th_DSC08298_zpsa1a7d408.jpg th_DSC08299_zps2878ecda.jpg

57) Brooks Brothers sports shirt. Size L. MADE IN THE USA. Chest 24, sleeve 33, length 32 1/2. $12

th_DSC08300_zps31e2288c.jpg th_DSC08301_zps5e86d337.jpg th_DSC08302_zps2512e260.jpg

58) Lacoste long-sleeve polo shirt. Size 4. Chest 18 1/2, sleeve 32 1/2, length 26 1/4. Excellent condition. $10.

th_DSC08313_zps4d8c6198.jpg th_DSC08314_zpsee1b7e09.jpg th_DSC08315_zps5f0cd277.jpg

59) Aquascutum of London. 15-32. Pinhole in collar. Very Good condition. $6.

th_DSC08323_zpsc8b42930.jpg th_DSC08324_zpsebe13b98.jpg th_DSC08325_zpsdc53a492.jpg th_DSC08326_zps250ace90.jpg

60) LL Bean plaid shirt. In excellent condition. Tagged M-Reg. Chest: 22 1/4, Sleeve: 33 1/4. Asking $15.

th_DSC02491_zps5838d11b.jpg th_DSC02492_zps6c95a2aa.jpg th_DSC02494_zps904784c5.jpg

61) LL Bean heavyweight winter shirt in yellow. Size M. Chest: 21 1/2; sleeve: 33 1/2. Made in the USA, this fastens by LL bean's small snaps, making it perfect for cold days and numb fingers! This does have a smudge on the front by the left pocket, a single thread pull under the collar on the left, and a tiny mark on the right shoulder area, hence this is just in Good condition, and so is just $12 shipped!

th_DSC05282_zpszcq6qa55.jpg th_DSC05283_zpspvwd2evy.jpg th_DSC05284_zpsxjeklojj.jpg th_DSC05285_zpsi8d8gfnm.jpg th_DSC05286_zpsmrpgmlmx.jpg th_DSC05287_zpsf0xxcrof.jpg th_DSC05301_zpsjxuabw4n.jpg

62) LL Bean heavyweight winter shirt in scarlet. Size S. Chest: 19 3/4; sleeve: 31 1/2. Made in the USA, this is in excellent condition, except for some slight rubbing on the right cuff, as shown. Just $20, or offer.

th_DSC05289_zpsr3ejw13b.jpg th_DSC05291_zpsbwhbcwp6.jpg th_DSC05292_zpsjzdjfelq.jpg th_DSC05293_zps6vjlhll9.jpg th_DSC05294_zpsyza5ugqy.jpg th_DSC05295_zpseq3j4nzw.jpg

63) LL Bean chamois cloth shirt in forest green. Size 16 1/2 Tall. Made in the USA. Excellent condition! Just $20, or offer.

th_DSC05296_zpsyipgz93o.jpg th_DSC05297_zpspe0ajeba.jpg th_DSC05298_zpsaxhl4dtg.jpg th_DSC05300_zpsdgocylkh.jpg

64) Gitman dress shirt in white. SIze 17.5-36. Small pen mark on front, hence just Good condition. $12.


th_DSC08117_zps5llyg51t.jpg th_DSC08116_zpsedl9h8xw.jpg th_DSC08119_zpsvuftipun.jpg

65) SOLD Gitman dress shirt in white. Size 17-36. Very Good condition. $15.


th_DSC08114_zpssretaftw.jpg th_DSC08113_zpsmsxecgnn.jpg th_DSC08112_zpshsed2tei.jpg
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  • DROPS! 65 SHIRT MEGATHREAD! Turnbull & Asser, Mercer & Sons., Marol of Bologna, Gitman, Orvis, Brooks Bros., Armani, Madras, Pure Irish Linen, RL Polos, Dress shirts from Gitman Bros., more! FREE SHIPPING & OFFERS WELCOME!
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