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Affordable shoe trees?

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Are the Brooks Brothers shoe trees for $24 less 25% a good deal? Or what else would you guys recommend in that general price range?
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I ordered a couple of the Woodlores, they were ~$10 so why not... we'll see if they are decent.
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I get them at Marshalls when they have them on clearance. They're the cedar expanding ones, the usual kind, about 7 bucks a pair. Obviously not the best in the world but they work well and they're affordable.
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J, Steve, Great to have you guys around and posting so much... Waiting for the appearance of trolls to delete...? Oh, and regarding shoe trees: I happen to think that it is most important to have a tree that is - if not made for - at least matched to the shoe's last. Of course, in the overall scheme of things, the exact shape probably doesn't matter, but do remember not to get them in too large a size. Give the BBs a try.
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I got a pair of shoe trees over at Macy's for $20. They're called "Shoekeeper" or something like that. They're great because the heel is very substantial. This is important unless you'd like your shoes to develop creases along the sides.
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how about full cedar Woodlore, $15.95
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I own a pair of the Woodlores. The heel is too thin, and so it distorts the heels of my shoes.
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Right now there are Woodlore full-heel shoe trees at most TJ Maxx stores for $9.99, with a tube of black shoe cream in about half the boxes (the other half come with those silicone sponge "quick shine" abominations). In my experience, the raw cedar trees are very good at pulling moisture out of shoes, and if properly sized the spring tension eliminates any sole curvature. I agree that handcarved hornbeam shoe trees that exactly match the last are cool, but I genuinely wonder if they work any better...
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I've recently picked up several pairs of the TJ Maxx Woodlores and quite like them. They seem to be these: With full heel and self handle. The ones at TJ Maxx don't have the "Woodlore" brass label. I think that Chris's regular price at Bennie's is a good one for a full tree if you can't find them discounted. Of course you have to figure shipping into that. There's also a guy on ebay who regularly sells Woodlore trees.
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If I am thinking of the same person as Mr Allen is referring to on Ebay you may want to be a bit cautious. He does offer the full trees but I do not understand his sizing. I assume they are slightly imperfects or factory seconds. The same I get at the outlet store. ( so what if there is a slight blemish in the wood or a small hole. Its still sanded smooth ) He sells them by size. For example hes sells 10-11 8-9 etc. Yet whenever I have bought them at the A.E. outlet store they come Small- Medium- Large - X large. The problem is on some sizes, depending on the style and width, it can be be one of two size trees needed for proper fit. For example I wear 10 to 10.5 depending on style. Some 10s take a medium width and some take a large going by A.E.s catalogues. I do not know if it will make that much difference stuffing a full tree size large into a size 10 that size medium is recommended for. Will it hurt the shoe or cause it to loose its proportions assuming the shoe is damp or even wet? John
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I just bought 5 Woodlores from Marshall's and have some more coming from Sierra, enough for most of my pretty nice shoes. They seem to work quite well.
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I've had a good experience with Allen-Edmonds/Woodlore, which clears out its imperfect shoe trees on eBay. This is one of their auctions, A pair of trees I received was damaged, they promptly replaced it without charge, even sending it by 2 day express freight all the way to Singapore.
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