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Suspenders or belts?

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SO which do you wear and why? I wear only suspenders, one reason for the way the look and I just think they hold my pants up a lot better than a belt dose and again is something I picked up from my father. What are your reasons for what you choose to wear are they the same as mine or soemthing completley diffrent?
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I wouldn't get caught wearing both no matter what the occasion would be.
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I find braces more comfortable and think they look better, especially when one is wearing a waistcoat. About the only time when I wear a belt is when I am going jacketless, which is rare, even on holiday.
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Wait, both means you wear one OR the other based on the occasion, right?

I did not vote for wearing both at the same time.
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I wear trousers with adjustable side tabs.
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Yes both means one or the other, wearing both at the same time would be considered an oxy moron. I have a few pants with side tabs. One of my tux's is like that, I guess that would fall under the last option.
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If I am jacketless, I wear a belt. otherwise, braces. Braces are far more comforatble. My trousers hang better. There is no comparison. The most gawd awful sight is some guy wearing a belt AND the clip on variety braces exposed (no jacket). I've been tempted (but don't have the stones) to ask the guy WTF?
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Well, I have also seen the belt AND suspenders look on gentlemen in their 60s and up. My father-in-law and the man that fixes my windup clock. Both are otherwise smart and decent men. I think that in their own way they think it looks 'smart' - let's call it 'geezer fashion'. Funny thing is, in the pics of my father-in-law as a youth in the 50s, he was a snappy and calculated dresser. I have also long wanted to ask WTF of my father-in-law, but it would be rude. :>) The only way to clear up this mystery would be to have an 80 year old log in here and tell us why he finds this look appealling.
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Ironically I feel like braces hold up your pants and make them look better, yet all I wear are belts. Stupid conforming to the norm...
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