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How anal are you with your home, workplace vs your clothes? - Page 2

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I'm not anal about anything really. I wish I kept my room cleaner and my clothes free from moth holes and stains but I cant for the life of me.

My office is actually pretty neat. Not spotless but organized and put together. Other people I work with are totally so messy I wonder how they get anything done (many dont, actually).

I think when I get my own place and start buying shit to organize my personal space with I will get alot better with keeping things together.

However, a [young] guy shouldn't be anal about anything.
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My lab/office are messy. Papers, data printouts everywhere. At home, I get less and less rigid as I get older (which is a good thing) but I like order. I like having Drawer A for A objects and Drawer B for B objects and down the line. The top shelf on the medicine cabinet for shaving, middle shelf for dental care, bottom shelf for skin care, just organized. Nothing is alphabetized or anything crazy. So it's pretty much the same with my clothes. Just organized. I like having the hangers all the same and facing the same direction (this may be a bit anal). I like pants organized by color - dark to light. Sweaters by fabric - cotton, merino, cashmere. Stuff like that.
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I am much messier at work than I am at home. I'm a stacker so at any given moment I have several piles on my desk. When it gets too messy, I just either make more stacks or create one giant one.

At home I'm much more orderly. I hate clutter around the house so I'm constantly putting stuff away (2 kids and high-clutter tolerance wife). I organize my clothes by type, but not necessarily by color. Same with shoes.
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At work, I am very, very neat. I am also 100% anonymous. I worked for 16 months at an internship. The only contribution to that entire cubicle when I left was one accordian folder with everything I had done.

On my computer, I use my desktop as my download folder so I have enough icons to cover 2 monitors.

At home, I keep everything clean except my room - which alternates between pigsty and nuclear explosion.

The couch in my room ends up with weeks of clothes laid out on them, but my shoes are kept perfectly straight and in line. Each has thier own individual spot.

My car oscillates. It will stay very clean for 2 week then slowly degrade over the next 4 weeks.. I will maticulously clean it and the process repeats.

I am anal about certain things - as you can see.

When in church, in the bible/songbook holder in front of me must have all the spacing equally. Its wierd and I get wierd looks. I'll go sit down in a pew and straighten them out. No clue why.
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I wonder if there is a correlation between dressing neat and having a neat workplace? Judging from these responses, it doesn't sound like there is. I keep my wardrobe fairly in order, and I'd like to think my workspace is the same, however it definitely gets extremely cluttered time to time.
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I'm anal about books/magazines. I like them looking perfect. I let someone look at a DICE magazine I had and I wanted to punch him by the time he was done with it.
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