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How should i have handled this ??

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Here is my question, how would you have handled this situation? I was at a store and when it was my turn at the register, this female clerks phone rings and she starts gabbing away while I am in line, she has the phone under her chin and she continues to ring in my purchase and she know's damn well I am standing there, and she proceeds to continue talking, all the while she didn't even look at me. Finally she finishes ringing in my purchases and then she tells me the total price and she stick her hand out and holds it there waiting for me to pay her. I paid her and left, I was pissed off, I was going to take the phone from her and hang it up for her, I am paying her salary and I should get some respect. What should I do if this happens again? I doubt telling the manager would have any effect.
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perhaps you could not shop there any more. or at least not when she's at the register.
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am i missing something? just pay the lady and be on your way. if it bothers you so much, don't shop there.
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am i missing something? just pay the lady and be on your way. if it bothers you so much, don't shop there.
Um, I agree. This would really not bother me. If I needed help in the shop, and couldn't get any, that would be another story.
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There used to be a time when something like that would ruin my entire day. But then I got older and had more problems to worry about so now, quite frankly, I choose which matters to get upset over and which matters I forget.
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Maybe you could "accidentally" bump into her on the way out of the store and knock her down...Oooops...Wrong thread... I know that the newbies on this forum are not gonna have any idea as to what I am saying but what the heck... PS: I reality, as the posters above mentioned...Choose whats important to get upset about and the rest forget about... JJF
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Bump into her indeed. I remember that thread, sort of. You should have maced her and stomped on her toe, then proceeded to spit into her open hand and then mooned her. Or... as previously mentioned, just don't go back.
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for me it would depend on how much i just spent. a $10 purchase at a drugstore -- i wouldn't sweat it. a $1000 purchase -- i'd say something, either to the clerk or to the manager. part of my willingness to spend serious money at one store versus another is the shopping experience. then again, if the clerk just helped me select $1000 of merchandise, she/he is unlikely to be rude.
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I think it all depends -- what kind of store was it? Was she a professional salesperson, or a minimum wage register clerk? Was she gabbing away on a personal call, or simply trying to do too much by helping a customer over the phone while she was completing your transaction? If it was a salesclerk at a chain drugstore ringing up a $2.00 box of tissues, I'd say that that's the level of professionalism you're likely to encounter; complaining to the manager may or may not to help because the manager may or may not him/herself have very high professional standards. If it was a store that generally maintains a high level of professionalism, then I'd mention it to a manager, if only because when you shop in a store that prides itself on quality service, the service is part of what you pay for.
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IF IT WAS A PERSONAL CALL, I don't care what store, or how much I was spending, I'd speak to a manger and ask the him or her if it is store policy to allow staff to make or take personal calls during the day. I'm sorry but I don't care what the situation, you're getting paid to work, not gab on the phone. Maybe if enough people complain they will make a store policy that personal calls are verboten. That said, it works both ways. Customers who can't be bothered to get off the phone when it's their turn to be waited on are just as annoying. I don't know why, but in came cell phones and out went civility. That's one reason why I don't own one. Of course, if it was a work call, it's all to be expected, IMHO.
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seems your experience has been trivialized by the posters. I can say that I let an assistant go last week for having a conversation on the phone while a client waited patiently for me.... after several minutes with him standing there she briefly put her friend on hold... told him I was out of the office... handed him my card and proceeded to barrel along with her telephone conversation. She never bothered to take his name or number. Amazingly enough she was floored when I let her go. W
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Bad hire. You found out because the client informed you of the unacceptable behavior, true? Management should be informed.
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The moral of the story: don't shop at the GAP. If the child labor and boring clothes weren't enough for you, the drones behind the counter might just be enough.
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