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Slippery shoes

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Hi All, Well I have a couple of pairs of Cole Haan Loafers. I like them alot but don't wear them much because they like to slip and slide. I have tried roughing up the soles but that has not helped. I even tried putting rubber taps on the heels. So I am wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and what was the resolution. Thanks for your help. Bob in Guam
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What material are the soles made of? If leather, scuffing them is about as much as I can think of unless you want to get stick-on rubber soles put on. Others (or a search) can provide more info on that. If rubber, I have no idea. On a possibly unrelated note, I tried some Geoxes on which I liked until I walked in them. The "rubber" the sole was made of was more like hard plastic and didn't have any grip on the linoleum/hardwood floors at Nordstrom. I question why (or whether) anyone would buy shoes with soles that offer no traction.
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I question why (or whether) anyone would buy shoes with soles that offer no traction.
For dancing in. Not like a fairy though.
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I don't think most people wear driving shoes to dance, though. Maybe after scraping off the hard outer surface of the Geoxes they start to stick to things. Or maybe that's why I've never seen anyone wearing them.
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Thanks J and LA guy for your responses. The soles are leather. But I have other shoes with leather soles and they don't have the problem. I think what I am going to have to do is to take the shoes with me when I return to the states for vacation in June and see what a cobbler says. (there are no places here on Guam that do shoe repair) And finding dress shoes is impossible. Oh the fun of living on an island. Thanks again. Bob
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