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Borrelli buttons

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Does anyone know where one can find the double thick mother of pearl buttons that are on Borrelli shirts? I do not mean the actual buttons which have "Borrelli" stamped on them, but double thick mother of pearl buttons of the same quality and clarity. I have found double thick MOP buttons, but never of the same quality.
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Did you search this site and Ask Andy? Buttons were actually discussed at least once before that I recall, perhaps 8 or 9 months ago. I think someone mentioned a website that carries lots of them, plus a store or two in NYC. I think there may have been a store on Madison Ave. that someone mentioned.
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I wouldn't mind knowing of such stores, so if anyone finds the posts or has any information... please post. Thanks.
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Stay away from Tender buttons for shirt buttons. Way overpriced. They are great for very fancy buttons.
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Borrelli's latest thick MOP button (with the notched top edge) which can be found on the center placket and cuffs is a Borrelli exclusive. The button Borrelli previously used, identical but without the ridges, is a button also used by a number of other makers.
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Tender buttons was my first thought (they are the ones off Madison), but they don't carry anything as nice as the Borrelli. Banksmiranda, do you know of any stores, since you seem to know who uses them?
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Can't exactly answer your question, as I can't find them myself. However, I am not even aiming for Borrelli buttons: where do you find decent shirt buttons? I just want to see more choices than ones that our tailors use. Do you buy them online, or specific specialty stores?
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I've ordered various suit and shirt buttons from: Not cheap, but between the three sites I've found a lot of what I want, including corozo, horn, and MOP. The one button that eludes me is the thick, dished horn "Savile Row suit button" made, I believe, by Wain Sheill. Tender Buttons has them, but they do not have a website and don't seem to be eager to sell them by mail.
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I can supply Borrelli type Button to those who are interested. I will give information in the buying and selling section. Carl
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hey, here's a set of borrelli buttons right here.
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