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Context of style

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A good deal of our discussions deal with what's appropriate, stylish, fresh, or interesting. I think a key component to understanding what makes something appealing is knowing the context in which it's being worn. For instance, what someone wears in Manhattan differs from what someone wears in Phoenix. I think we could understand a bit more if users would update their profiles to indicate what cities they're in. I don't think that revealing the city, or even state, would compromise the anonymity of users. This added information would certainly provide some added context for understanding opinions and preferences. It's easy to add your location: go to Control Panel, Personal Info, Edit Your Profile, Your Location.
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Makes sense, so I've amended my profile. Agree that there are substantial regional influences on style (or maybe there's less incentive and reinforcement to be stylish except in the larger cities).
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true, i've had my info posted.
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when i first joined this forum i recall we had a few debates over what kind of shoes, shirts, etc... were acceptable with suits.  i realized many on the forum equate the word "suit" with "business suit". i was coming from the point of view that suits will be worn at parties, clubs, etc... as well as for business, so i see your point.
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