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Hair cuts,care for asians

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What do the asians on this board do for their hair? I have the typical coarse, thick asian hair which grows out into a afro if I don't keep it short with a buzz cut. This weekend, I went to get my hair cut and the person cutting my hair suggested that I wear some stockings on my head to keep the hair from sticking out. Now, this person obviously was new to this profession, but there has to be a better way. Has anyone ever heard of this method? And, what do you do? I've experimented with trying to grow my hair long, so that it would eventually fall down under its own weight. But, all that happened was I had a big afro.
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Well I am of European descent, but I also have straight coarse hair that is highly puffy by nature. I use a polar fleece stocking hat. I've stocked up on such hats when they go on clearance for $3.97 or so at the Gap at the end of winter. After applying a little Clinique shaping wax to my hair and letting it sit for a minute, I put on the hat for a while. Ideally, I leave it on for half an hour or more, but I don't always have that much time in the morning. The hat really helps, and it doesn't look quite as silly as a stocking might. I really do recommend the Clinique shaping wax. It not only works, it is much more lightly scented than 99.99% of hair care products.
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are you from LA?
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Actually, surronding county. Why?
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Actually, as you can sort of see from my avatar, I proudly sport the asian afro. Other than that, shaving the sides & back pretty close (like with a #2 guard on the clippers) and fading it up to a scissor cut top seems to work pretty well. I think the "stocking on the head" approach is pretty common in the southwest, I saw it all the time in New Mexico and Texas, although hairnets were probably more in-style last time I was there. It looks completely cheesy, so unless you crease your dickies, wear flat house slippers as shoes, and starch your wife beater T-shirt, you probably won't want to wear a stocking on your head in public. Wearing something tight over your hair while you sleep though is a reasonable way to keep everything in place. Also, do you currently use a hair dryer or towel dry? I would reccomend towel drying, as it makes the hair less "poofy" As for products - if your hair is anything like mine, regular hairspray/gel/mousse has little or no effect unless you use copious amounts of it. Tigi BedHead hair stick works pretty well, any number of products called styling or spiking glue work well for me, as do wax based pomades and such. hope that helps.
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I see a lot of Asian men with longer straight hair.
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I have a similar hair problem (though I'm white). Not only is my hair "pouffy," but its also just slightly wavy, which really annoys me. I've tried wax/pomade before, but I had no idea how to get it out. Regular shampoo just didn't work. Is there a way to remove it all at once?
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dude, i know what yr going through . . . the best piece of advice i can give you is to find an asian haircutter in a good salon. generally, an asian  haircutter understands how asian hair grows so he/she would be able to cut it to minimize the pouf. after that . . . gel (studioline - it's cheap and strong). you really don't need to use a lot because the point of the gel is just to keep the friz controlled - its the right cut that will minimize the bouf. good luck.
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Since I'm stuck with coarse, frizzy hair, I figured why not go with it. So, I'm sporting something like what Tokyo Slim's doing. I got some Japanese hair putty that I just smear through my fingers and style with, rolling my hair into "spikes" that aren't really sharp nor spiky; I don't know what you call those.
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what's so interesting about it?
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Invest in a good ceramic flat iron, G.A.M.A makes some really good ones and you can straighten your hair in a jiffy, no need to worry about hats, stockings or whatver else that can used to keep the hair in place.
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