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Why can't i find vertical-stripe polos?

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My favorite polo shirt is a no-name cotton pique with large (5") vertical stripes or panels in hunter green, navy, burgundy, and cream, purchased for $2.50 at Goodwill.  As you can probably infer from this, I'm somewhat skeptical about the concept of "high-end" polo shirts--but I really do like vertical stripes.   So I went in search of more recently, assuming it would be a simple task akin to finding a Philips screwdriver in lieu of a flat-blade.  Well, either I was wrong, or I haven't looked in the right place yet, because with very few exceptions all the striped polos I've seen in stores and online are horizontals.  There must be a conspiracy. This being StyleForum, I have no doubt someone will be along presently to explain just why vertical-stripe polos are très outré and what this says about our society.   In the meantime, though, can anyone recommend a good source?  Where are they hiding 'em all?
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Of course the proper solution to this problem is to acquire a desirable pattern in a horizontal-stripe polo and then only wear it while performing the 'wino crawl' thus rendering the stripes vertical to the upright/upstanding viewer and availing yourself of the advantages of not only the prone-in-gutter position aforementioned but the rare vertical stripe pattern as well. Uh.. nevermind.
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Tommy Hilfiger has polos striped in every possible direction, as well as a few impossible ones. They fit like a sack on me, but your mileage may vary. Someone let me know if these Flash files work... On another note, does anyone know of a place which offers custom-made polos? Google searches only ever come up with places that do embroidered logos...
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Flash files worked for me. *insomniac*
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Tiger Woods wore a couple of vertically striped polos a few years ago. One he wore in the Masters. It was white with black vertical stripes, I believe. It looked rather odd, and I think Nike doesn't sell the shirt any more (probably because it looks strange). Tiger's 6'2, 185 lbs and about 5% body fat. I can only imagine what the shirt would look like someone not as statuesque as he is. Funny, I think the vertical stripes on a polo shirt accentuate one's girth rather than hide it, but that's just me. Here's another picture I found with Tiger wearing vertical stripes. It looks kind of funny to me:
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