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Do you/would you hem your jeans?

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As the question asks, I am curious to see opinions on this board about hemming jeans. Most jeans are come in 34-36 inch inseam length, and if that is too long for you, do you get them hemmed or let them stack?

Please vote. If you choose other, please explain. Thanks.
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I don't hem mine but I cuff them inward.
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My normal inseam for slacks with a medium break is 31, so jeans up to 34" in length I normally stack. Any longer than that and I have them hemmed.
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I'm generally lazy about getting tailoring done, and I sometimes like cuffs and stacking, so if they are narrow enough I'll tend to let them stack, if they are straight but wider I'll cuff them. The only pair I intend to get hemmed are HL bootcuts with the biggest hem I would wear, about 18" or so, and wouldn't look good cuffed. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
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Depends on a variety of factors: how slim is the leg? how narrow is the opening already? how many inches "extra" is the inseam? is this a jean that would look good cuffed? is this a dress up jean? I'm normally against it but have done it to my rb's which were a bit long. Decreasing the amount of stacking helped to make them look dressier.
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It all depends on the leg opening.
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I'm a big hem guy. For one, I have the good fortune of being right near Blue in Green, so I can get my chainstitched hems re-chainstitched. But stacking isn't really my style. I hemmed my RB11's and my RRL's. I also hemmed my Somet's, but as the waist has stretched a bit, they are sitting lower on my hips, so I cuff them sometimes or I try to stack them, but I wish they had no break at all.
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I'm 5' 9" and I wear my jeans pretty low, so yeah, I have to hem any denim that only comes in one inseam. I'm not really into stacking, I'm more of a full break and a little more kind of guy.
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I'm close to 6' 6" so hemming is not really necessary for me unless I wear jeans with a big leg opening really low. Jeans with small openings I just stack because I've never come across a pair that was more than 1 inch too long post-soak. For all others I decide based on the look when cuffed, I only hem when I don't like the cuffed look at all.
Note: I don't wear them anymore, but I think bootcuts ALLWAYS need to be hemmed.
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I'm very picky about the fit, so I do almost all of my jeans. Yes, I'm a nerd.
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I'm probably a 33-ish inseam on jeans, so i just stack. Although I really need to get a few of my bootcuts hemmed
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Always hem. I find rolled cuffs look sloppy, and I'm even less of a fan of stacking than rolling.
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When you're short like me, you have to hem.
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i'm 5'8 and i didnt hem my diors, just sayin
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Yes I do. I take it to the HTC and have them chain-stitched.
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