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true, they are a little pricey...
i got the "riot" for $560 before taxes

i believe they run in that range, however, the selection is somewhat limited at the store, i think i only saw around five or so choices

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Do either of these do anything for you?

Armani (and a bit pricey, so you may not be interested):

Cole Haan
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I'm not quite sure what to think of that armani jacket, it's kind of a sportscoat, 70% polyester, and $837. The cole haan is okay, I would like a few more buttons to make it more casual. I guess an m-65 sans multiple pockets would be good. I really like the apc narrow jacket in black, but it's all sold out.
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Both of those Bluefly jackets he linked are terrible. Cole Haan is essentially upscale Kenneth Cole, and unless you get it on massive discount (Bluefly barely qualifies as any kind of a discount), it's not even worth considering. Same goes for Armani, except possibly moreso.
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