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Suit questions

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I am looking for a new suit for interviews with law firms in Toronto (Bay St. firms) and saw a decent looking Alexander McQueen suit. I don't know anything about the quality of such suits, it was $400 CDN and made of super 140's fabric with pic-stiching. The pic-stich looked like it was done by machine. Is wearing too nice a suit a problem for interviews (such as Canali or Zegna)? Thanks gents.
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Ranjeev: it depends which of the Seven Sisters you're gunning for.
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With my experience .. wear the best garment you can afford and look sharp in it. Interviewer do look at your image. I heard HR people talking after interview in my old company. These people were making fun of the candiate's outfit .. but, as long as the suit fits really good and clean, on the look department, you will be ok.
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I believe that is one of the licensed McQueen products from Europe.
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Hey MikeF, out of the sisters, I got a few faves but I'll play it close to the vest. I'm really interested in a couple of other Bay St. firms that are not a part of the Seven Sisters. Are you a lawyer? As for the suit, I guess I should pass on the McQueen. I'll just buy a Tilford or Sameulsohn suit from Harry Rosen.
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In my experience you cannot wear too nice of a suit to an interview. Trendy on the other hand you don't want. Shiny etc bad news but you DO want to look sharp. The interviewers should remember you, and while your brain is the biggest part of the interview, looks are definitely way up there too. Scot
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Ranjeev: I work at one of the Sisters. My advice: dress reasonably well, but do not necessarily buy the best that you can afford (particularly if you can afford Attolini, for instance). The goal is to look professional, and possibly a bit needy. While 95% of interviewers can't even tell Kiton apart from Jones New York, if you show up to an interview wearing Kiton, you may run into someone who notices, and that someone who notices may think it totally absurd that a second- or third-year law student is running around in a nicer suit than the CEOs of most of our clients wear.
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MikeF, that was my thinking as well. I think I'll just wear a nice suit (JP Tilford/Hugo Boss, etc.) with a sensible shirt and tie combo. Nothing trendy but nothing super boring either (no white shirt and red tie combo with a blue suit). Still trying to decide between a grey and navy suit for the OCI stage. I prefer navy but my grey suit is more comfortable and I have a feeling 90% of the class will wear a navy suit. This OCI stuff is crazy, Mike. I'm creating a schedule for my interviews as we speak. The stress of it all....
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It is very stressful. If you need any advice, feel free to pm me.
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