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Hearthstone is a cool little casual mobile game but I wouldn't put stock in it for its deeper aspects... too RNG heavy. I've been playing a lot of HOTS lately and dig the unranked system. Not as garbage as Quick Match and less stress than Hero League.

Per tradition, I will be reactivating for Legion. Might level a Demon Hunter, otherwise have a Warrior and Paladin at 100 that I haven't touched since shortly after Warlords.
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First wing of Karazhan was surprisingly good. The final boss of it used a unique game mechanic that I wouldn't mind seeing the developers explore further as a new game mode.
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Prince Malchezar dropped a spell caster dagger I wanted on my mage forever and could never get. I raided the shit out of Karazhan many nights wasted with my guildies up until BC ended pretty much. So many alts.
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Looking forward to Blizz's Diablo (20 years!) announcement @GC.
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Just beat the main storyline for Witcher 3. Hot damn that is a fine video game. On to the expansions!

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Originally Posted by JSFrieschskys View Post

Just beat the main storyline for Witcher 3. Hot damn that is a fine video game. On to the expansions!


Every time I start to get back to the Witcher some bullshit happens. Right now I'm stuck on a respawn in a room with 3 people, with no health, and die instantly only to endlessly endure the interminable loading screens. 

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Are you on console? No earlier saves?

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Console. I dunno. It seems to happen pretty regularly. 

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Seems pretty weird to me. But I'm not much help to you. I'm a PC only sorta dude. Runs like a dream there.

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No Man's Sky is both beautifully fun and incredibly frustrating. The bugs, texture/filter glitches, TERRIBLE upsampling resolution, game mechanic bug (how d o they let me get off the starter world without first getting the requirements blueprints and then make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to go back?!) are frustrating as hell. It's also an incredible grind fest if you let it be one. Planet and system hopping is the best way to keep the fun factor high.

The sense of wonder, exploration, learning, and a somewhat decent built in history and storyline is quite good so far. I can see this maturing over the coming months and years with mods into something far deeper. That said, it's not worth the full feature retail $60 price tag. Should have been a $30 or 40 starer game price based on the product that was delivered at launch.
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The feels
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I finished all of The Witcher 3 a few weeks ago. I had like 200 hours last year, then stopped playing cause other games happened. This year I went back to it, finished the main campaign, then jumped into Hearts of Stone, which has a fantastic story and it´s beautifully written, and after that I went onto Blood and Wine. Story not as strong as HoS, but it has the most beautiful setting I have ever witnessed in a videogame. Touissant is just jaw dropping beauty from wherever you see it. Easily the most put together game of this gen. Not my favorite, that honor goes to Bloodborne, but it deserves all the awards it´s gotten.

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