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Yeah. In pubs, I've found that even 2 is hard to deal with. Obviously I'm not playing at a super high skill level or anything, but he is an incredibly annoying character.

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Proof that cd key selling sites are shady as fuck. I forget who said it that they bought overwatch on one of these shady sites.
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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

How is that simulating anything? Shitty graphics, horrible animation and floating guns? You think that actually could train anyone try kill people in real life? Might as well be playing Duckhunt. Moronic.

"Murder simulator". rolleyes.gif

All I was trying to say was that guy could have made a cool video but instead he went around and shot people point blank in the head. There were a couple cool parts. For example when the semi was barreling towards him, he blew it up, and then a soaring fireball of metal went right over him. Those were the types clips I (and many others) enjoyed. I love GTA and games like it, because I have no issue with video game violence (usually), but watching that guy turn something cool into him walking around shooting people in the head point blank got old really quick.

My comment was an exaggeration but wow your comment was condescending 🙄

I'll probably have to come back and edit grammar later because I'm on my phone.
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So far for the steam sale I've gotten Space Engineers, DooM, and Mad Max.

Max Payne 3 is on sale and I highly recommend that game for anyone who doesn't own it. The game has a great style and music, and I love how they've aged Max over the course of 3 games, the first of which is about 15 years old by now.
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Pokemon Go App is out in the US
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I miss instruction booklets.

The game starts with no explanation. Took me like 5 mins before I realised you had to flick the pokeball to the pokemon to capture it. Then you get in these menus and nothing makes sense. What does the CP stat mean? And there's a button in the pokemon menu that just says "transfer." Transfer to what? From where? So much money was thrown at this you'd think they'd make a quick tutorial.
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Plenty of online guides though. Still, a tutorial would have been nice.
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If you can manage to log in, that is
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yah servers been crashing, I think they underestimated the amount of Pokemon fans out there, nostalgia is strong on this one. Childhood dream come to life.
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So...played some ranked Overwatch matches for the first time. Largely, pretty fun (on console). The attack the objective maps, at least. However, the escort missions still have one giant problem: Torbjorn.


I know he's been nerfed hard, but it doesn't appear to make a difference. Every single team that's defended against me has, to a unit, used 3 turret classes - usually 2-3 torbjorns, sometimes a bastion in there, and you just. can't. get. past. Half the time they're also cheesing with reinhardt, but every single match has STILL been about turtling rather than playing even remotely offensively/engagingly. It's absolutely horrible to play against - not just in a "why are we losing AGAIN" kind of way, but like, game-breaking, turn the console off and forget Overwatch exists kind of way. And no, I'm not seagull-tier or anything, but I do play Pharah and Junkrat a lot with a decent accuracy rating - and they just aren't hard counters to the turrets, at least on the console. 


The first five matches I played, I think me and my friend (just 2 of us on the team) went 3/2. Those were the capture matches - maybe we played against 1 torbjorn in five games, and a couple bastions. We dropped the next four, all escort matches, because every single time we came up against a team running multiple turrets and our team wasn't. Just as used to happen in quick play, except now I guess we care about the results. I can't believe how one-dimensional and unenjoyable it makes the game-type, which at its heart is really great.


Are you guys still running into this? It's almost enough to make me want to stop playing completely, since I spend half the matches waiting for them to end or wondering why I'm doing it to myself.

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It can be really frustrating, but I've found that if I just plug in a mic and get people to group up to make coordinated attacks it's usually overcome-able. Teamwork tends to trump all in Overwatch.
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Getting the extra XP by trying to do a curveball in pokemon go is not worth the loss of pokeballs. I just ran out and it brings the game a hault.
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Apparently Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account if you signed up with it. Check your Google security options and remove it if that concerns any of you.

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Am I disadvantaged if I play Pokemon Go with a wifi only phone?

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