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I got Tribes 2 right as school was out. I was a teenager and I did not have to work that summer, so I clocked an obscene number of hrs in that game over the summer. That's how I got so amazingly good at the game.

I think it's the most amazing FPS ever made. Nothing compares to the mechanics of just moving around and timing your spinfusor just right, and the tactics were more complex than just about anything. I honestly don't know much about Midair. I first saw screenshots which were not impressive, then when I saw video you can clearly see that the movement and scale of everything is clearly Tribes, so now I'm hyped for it as of a few days ago.

I think Tribes ruined me for most popular FPS since. While no other game came close to the movement of Tribes, the FPS games I've really liked since have been more on the strategic side like Natural Selection 2 and more recently Rainbow Six: Siege.
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I liked tribes a lot (particularly shifter mod)...but I never really got into Tribes 2.

The original Starsiege (not tribes) was actually my first real online game...spent a bunch of time playing that before picking up Diablo 2 and Tribes. But by the time if Tribes 2, I think I had moved more towards CS and then Day of Defeat. I got it right when it came out, but I think it took too long for the modding to really get going, and since I never really played vanilla tribes, I just wasn't in to it.

Pharah is neat though. Kind of a mix of the TF2 soldier and a tribes player with a disc launcher. That being said, despite being a powerful and familiar hero, she is not one of my best.

I've taken quite a liking to winston, particularly on king of the hill maps, but also sometimes on other types. Launching a giant ape into the middle of an enemy team is quite entertaining. Does shit for damage (although you can hit everyone at once), but the high mobility and lots of health mean you can stay alive and harass the enemy quite nicely.

My MMR must have really stabilized, since I am currently at exactly a 50% win rate with 106 games played.
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Although I will say that King of the Hill maps seem to really mess with the "per game" stats.

It seems to count an entire map as a if you go 2 and 1, with all 3 rounds being close, it counts it as a single game even though you've played as long as 2-3 normal maps.

All of my high scores for things like eliminations are from characters I pick in KOTH games.
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I haven't played a shooter other than destiny in forever, and I am really struggling to adjust. I didn't play the beta at all, and after 2 days playing Overwatch I have only two complaints:


the FUCKING turrets. what the fuck. Infinite range and insta-kill with actual armor too? 


Mercy's sprint speed. Her boost is slow enough, but the fact that reaper can chase her down/she can't get to squishies quickly is seriously lame.

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Are you playing on PC or console? I can't imagine trying to control some of this stuff on a console controller...

Which turrets? Torbjorn's or Bastion in turret mode? They can be very strong in good placements, but the right character can be very good at eliminating them (Pharah is a good one thanks to splash damage). Shouldn't be insta kill either, except maybe Torbjorn's ultimate turret unless you are playing a squishy class. At higher levels both are almost more about area denial than actual kills. You know you will die if you go that way, so they force you into another choke point.

Mercy's survival is subject to using her ability that sucks her to other players...but I'll admit I have a preference for Lucio when it comes to healing...Mercy is hard if your team doesn't protect you. Lucio can survive on his own for days.
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Xbone, and it's what you'd expect. My only option, though. It's tough. Even makes me consider an adaptor (gasp!).


Mostly Torbjorn's, which seem to do way more damage from any range than is reasonable - especially since I'm mostly playing Pharah and still getting wrecked.



I don't have many people to play with and this whole game so far is basically: 



Especially when playing Mercy...

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Torbjorn will screw you up when you are flying since you lose mobility and can't duck in and out of cover. try to get yourself to a good vantage point, but then actually attack his turret while standing so you can move in and out of cover just long enough to shoot a rocket.

I dunno if it is the same on console, but I think I get matched into much better games when I am grouped with someone.

I think the game tries to match grouped players with other groups...

If you can find someone in a game you mildly like...see if you can put them on your friends list and group up later. I just played 2 games of solo queue and just had nutzo teams. But our opponents were also morons, so on the defense side, I basically solo held the cart still while the rest of both teams ran around trying to kill each other and barely thinking about the cart.

When I was playing in a group a couple hours ago, the teams at least made sense. We may not have been paired with great players, but at least we didn't have 3 snipers jerking off in a corner.
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FWIW, Torb's turret has 40m range, not infinite. With hitscan heroes like McCree, and projectile heroes probably too, you can peak and prefire and not get hit. If you peak, then aim, then fire, even quickly, it will lock on to you. Hanzo can sometimes be able to kill Bastions/Turrets even if they aren't in his FoV cuz the hitboxes are quite large for his arrows [edit: and other projectile heroes]. Junk obv too [edit: by bouncing off his grenades].

And the other counters listed here work well too, depending of the setting.

Mercy needs good positioning and needs to read the situation well (when to fly, whom to boost, whom to heal, and when to whip out the blaster). Lucio is generally easier, just gotta be somewhat decent with aiming his projectiles.
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They actually put Acronym's co founder and designer in the game. 



and this looks pretty cool


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I can totally see Koreans and Chinese cutting their children's arms and hands off to give them bionic arms so they can play the piano better. It's going to happen. Mark my words.
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Was playing as Pharah today, and Ran into a legit Mercy. Went 46-4 in one match. Feels good man.

This game is amazing. Rise of Iron reveal had me like "nope, going back to Overwatch."
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E3 is tomorrow! 

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Originally Posted by Mulan View Post

E3 is tomorrow! 


Microsoft just finished their conference about 40 minutes ago.

I think Bethesdas was yesterday.
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I could be wrong, but I thought those were the previews. 

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