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Best one for me. 


Second place - Frostdoge clan!



Special mention - Clan Wars 2's Super Adventure Box returns!


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Roach can be the fucking worst at times. Getting stuck, spawning wherever the fuck he wants. And some of the glitches I´ve seen are hilarious.

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Originally Posted by gort View Post

HIt rank 1 in the heroes of the storm. Feelsgoodman.

i play hearhtstone and only got to rank4 so far frown.gif , but I play shaman so it's not an easy task to reach the top

Just finished Fallout 4, step down from Fallout NV. Frankly it's really dumbed down and bastardized(dialogues, RPG elements), it has good action and grpahics i'd give that. It's enjoyable to large extent. So if you like action games i guess it's good, if you like oldschool more complex rpgs it's really average. I'm pretty sure I'm done with this franchise unless they let Obsidian make another sequel.
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Stardew Valley is getting some good hype if you are into those sort of games.
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So much bad acting in Quantum Break.

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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

So much bad acting in Quantum Break.

Very wow?

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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

So much bad acting in Quantum Break.

Something about that game and the concept of tying in a live action series always looked off to me.
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Getting into The Division - it's fun to shoot the shit out of NYC and customize some guns at the same time. But once you beat the Story it's hard to do much else solo, and everyone you meet in matchmaking takes the game way too seriously. Anyone else playing it on XB1?
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Every gameplay I've seen of it makes it look super boring to me, but I am not a fan of anything it offers (Tom Clancy, contemporary timelines, 3ps cover shooter). Would be interesting if it were NYC, except that you had a jetpack. And maybe a cloak. And, you know...there were aliens.




Anyone else still playing Destiny?

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Doom open beta next weekend.
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Best thing about the new DOOM is

Quite a bit Fragile-era NIN-ish.
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I play Division on PC.

Like it, good change of pace from CS:GO and TERA Online. Actually it combines both elements of those games you can say..

Division is much funner if you play with a buddy instead of strangers. You can slow down the pace and explore more of the map and general surroundings. It's the latest game I purchased.

Last game purchased was Diablo 3. What a let down..
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I need advice on a keyboard from the PC gamers here. I need a wireless, mechanical, and rechargeable keyboard. Turns out, not an easy combination to find. So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

So far my front runner is the the Xarmor U9WL, but I can't find a definitive answer on whether or not it's rechargeable.
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Do you really need such fancy keyboard? Good mouse is where it's at for most games.
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