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Let me know how that is.  I'm a huge fan of board games, and I play a lot of stuff via Tabletop Simulator.

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The box is twice as large as I expected it to be and loaded with stuff. The first one was damaged in shipping (crushed corner, because it was heavy and packed awkwardly), and the replacement was also slightly beat up, but I am not going to deal with returning it again...

I've heard that if you get sucked into buying expansions, it can get expensive...the base game cost me $60 and should provide plenty of play.
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Was gifted a Azio MGK 1 mechanical keyboard recently. Will take some getting used to but it looks worlds better than my old Logitech. wow

Awesome packaging and simple instructions. The box it game in is also huge. A nice presentation overall.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Was gifted a Azio MGK 1 mechanical keyboard recently. Will take some getting used to but it looks worlds better than my old Logitech. wow

Awesome packaging and simple instructions. The box it game in is also huge. A nice presentation overall.

People shrug off the idea of mechanical keyboards, but once you use one there is no going back.

I'm glad there has been a kind of arms race when it comes to mechanical keyboards. My X Armor with MX Brown keys was pretty expensive when I got it, but now there are a ton of mechanical keyboards available at good prices.
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Finished MGS 5, finally. Got about 80% of the side ops done, including 150 and mission 45.


Now, I'm not a Kojima fan. Even so, for me this was the worst MGS ending outside of the Sons of Liberty craziness. And those side ops... Super boring once you do enough R&D. It's also super-infuriating that I spend maybe 100 hours doing everything non-lethal, Fultoning every single soldier I come across and then a couple of missions completely undermine my efforts at a peacenik run. Thanks Konami.


I think I'll load up MGS Acid 2 or Peacewalker on the old PSP to cleanse the palate.


In other news - got my Picross 3D 2 copy yesterday. Loving it; it's been far too long.

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I've yet to play MGS5 but my understanding is the game was unfinished. Rushed out the door and part of the drama that lead him to leave the company.

MGS2's ending was great. smile.gif

I still feel MGS3 was the best of the series. Loved that game.
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Yeah, it's fairly obvious it is unfinished - the first chapter gets 20+ missions then the next two only have a few original ones between them, with loads of recycled stuff. Obviously Konami fucked him but he also contributed here, it's not like this was his first big $ project. At some point you need to have a handle on development budgets and timelines. It's not a Godus-type disaster but it does leave some players (ie me) feeling disheartened. Cannot really see myself buying his next game, or at least not on launch day.

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Ah. I'd argue he's always been like this and has certain expectations on budget and timeframes. They knew this based on his history with them going into funding his project but pulled the wool from out of under him.
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I was disappointed by some aspects of MGS V´s story but the game plays like no other game ever for me, so I forgive it for the poor pacing of the story. It stills sucks because it´s very interesting what Skull face was trying to do, but choosing to use less cutscenes and leave so much info on the cassete tapes is what hurt the narrative of the story. I also didn´t like the ending, not that it wasn´t a great surprise, but realizing what the ending reveals just left me feeling a bit empty, like why did I do it all? 

But again, the gameplay is so tight, so fullfilling that I can´t do anything but love my time with it. I put in 220 hours, platinumed the game on ps4, replayed some missions tons of times to get all the tasks and S ranks and never got tired of it. It´s gameplay perfection and that´s what kept it from being boring, even if the side missions were repetitive, there were so many ways to approach each one, so many weapons, vehicles, tactics... It´s a gaming masterpiece and if the story had been spread out better, Skullface had been given more screen time it would be one of the best games ever. 

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I agree about MGS V.  The story, especially the ending had a lot of flaws (and the ending was obvious).  Though, the gameplay itself was awesome.  It took the tactical espionage aspects and added an open world concept to it.  The only frustration I have there is running out of space for guys, and how long they take to get out of the brig. 

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Yeah I'm curious how I'll feel about V when I finally get to play it. I've always loved the crazy storylines and cutscenes the series had. Moving away from that might well damper my enjoyment some.
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The gameplay is good but once you develop enough weapons and gadgets it becomes too easy. Certain buddies also make capturing outposts literally a walk in the park. I recon Kojima knew this, as proven by the inclusion of the later insta-fail-on-detection missions (not a fan). I did enjoy the subsistence missions though.


I've started Black Ops 3 but I cannot bring myself to complete the campaign; first time I have been too bored to do it. Even Ghosts had enough to keep me going. MP is OK but I hardly ever play online so this is a return.


That Witcher 3 expansion better come soon, need my Geralt fix. Slowly going through Divinity OS but it's really not the same feeling, even though the perk to talk to animals does provide some chuckles.

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Anyone enjoy games like the new game coming out, Black Desert?
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Anybody else in on dat Stardew Valley?
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Looks good, doesn't it. Been hankering for some Harvest Moon action.


It's in the queue, first I need to replay XWing Alliance, and some SW Lego levels. Damn Humble Bundle, they get me every time...

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