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only applies to some of the FFs and maybe Suikoden


I finished P3: fes and it had one of the best RPG battle systems ever.

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oh man. you dare insult suikoden? fight me outside uniqlo.



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II is a great game, havent had time to finish it tho
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These Telltale games are great. It's like the video game adaptation to those choose your own adventure books.

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Anyone getting Metal Gear Solid 5?

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Considering it for the PC...

I cannot find anything that excites me anymore. RPGs and MMORPGs use to be my thing but I just find it such a life suck nowadays.
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Picked up Arma 3 and Dyling light 50% off, and the sniper elite trilogy for $15. Gonna be busy for a while
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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

Anyone getting Metal Gear Solid 5?

I got it for PC. Fun gameplay and a couple stand-out moments that are, in themselves, worth the cost of the ticket.
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I'm not sure I can even call myself a "gamer" anymore. I basically play Hearthstone and little else. I've got a few big titles I want to play, but I'm not sure I'll ever really get back into the hobby anymore. It's been hard for me to even rationalize purchasing a PS4 at this point.
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SW:BF is pretty weak.
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

SW:BF is pretty weak.

Whaaaat? Say it ain't so!
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Just feels like a Star Wars themed Battlefield... I imagine it will be more fun with a group of friends.

Gunplay/mechanics are really unsatisfying though, which makes the game a bit boring. Active cooldown system is easily abused on guns and health regen makes the game ez mode if you're half decent at shooters.
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Battlefront is awesome so far. I'm sorry. It is very satisfying.
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For once I agree with him as he makes some angry statement.

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